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Drive in until you see a ships bell (from the Kukui, the only Coast Guard ship that participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor) and a bank vault door.
The secrets of Lake Geneva are kept behind that vault door, and it is indeed bullet proof, not that you will ever be denied the combination.

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Is Lake Geneva a Good Neighbor or the Neighbor from Hell?

  • Does Lake Geneva acquire/take prime land areas from our neighbors through annexation over their objections and without concern for its neighbors? Yes.
  • Did Bloomfield take actions to incorporate to stop Lake Geneva from expanding its boundaries by annexing more and more of Bloomfield’s land? Yes.
  • Did Lake Geneva file lawsuits to block Bloomfield from doing this? Yes.
  • Did Lake Geneva annex the Hummel property from the Town of Linn over their objections? Yes.
  • Does Lake Geneva plan to authorize development of the Hummel property that the Town of Linn opposed and voted down when it belonged to them? Yes.
  • When negotiating contracts with neighboring communities, does Lake Geneva negotiate as a City of lake Geneva a neighbor from hell?friendly member of the community, or an overbearing arrogant neighbor?
    Well, when the Town of Geneva considers and/or negotiates with Elkhorn or Delavan for services rather than Lake Geneva, the answer is clear.
  • Do you think that the City of Lake Geneva treats its neighbors better than its own? It has filed lawsuits against Bloomfield to stop them from becoming incorporated and it filed law suits against its own Aldermen. It has forced residents and area citizens to hire lawyers to force the city to comply with the law and to provide “Open Record Request” and/or to issue denied permits.
  • The straw that breaks the camel’s back is about to be dropped. Behind the scenes those running the city are discussing banning our neighbors (non-residents) from speaking at City Council meeting, by limiting public comments to residents of the city of Lake Geneva.
  • The city’s Comprehensive Plan gives Lake Geneva (as part of the community) some say in the development of the areas surrounding the city, while as part of that same community Lake Geneva wants to block out public comments and influence from our neighbors.

On so many fronts, the Lake Geneva’s city administration has been and continues to be arrogant with its community of neighbors, its citizens and over its city workers. There is an attitude problem in the City of Lake Geneva and it is not in its neighbors, citizens or city workers. It is in the city’s administration.   Furthermore, Lake Geneva is part of the community and not an isolated entity. What the City of Lake Geneva does has a great impact on the surrounding areas. But just as Lake Geneva’s city government has tried to trample over and silence its citizens with intimidation, harassments and lawsuits, it now (as the Neighbor from Hell), is using the same intimidation, harassments and lawsuits against its neighboring communities. Lake Geneva has long been deaf to its neighbors, but now it wants to tape their mouths shut.

Taping citizens around Lake Geneva's mouth shu


The City of Lake Geneva may be a Neighbor from Hell,
but the Geneva Shore Report-Daily Planet
will be your Good Neighbor and Champion for
Truth Justice and the American Way

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