Living Here

The sign in front of city hall reads “We are Dementia Friendly.”
Is that because city hall, under Mayor Hartz, likes those with dementia who have forgotten the past and no longer remember the sleazy financial deals of the past (fountain money, free salt, scrap metal for cash) or, that despite the city knowing that for seniors staying active and involved with others is one of the ways to help prevent dementia, the city closed down the senior room and converted it into a police training room? Tom didn’t do that personally, but he sure was around when it happened.

Or, is it because they he might not want people who remember his involvement as one of those sued over with respect to the Hummel property, and who switched his vote to be the vote that changed the City’s Comprehensive Plan as part of the memo of understanding that led to settling of that lawsuit in which he and four other aldermen, who were also being sued, voted to change the Lake Geneva Comprehensive Plan for that property. This may look and feel like déjà vu, but it is not déjà vu.

It is just poor government repeating itself with a little twist in the order of the settlement, as with this current Hillmoor mess, where the lawsuit is dropped first, but part of it can be refiled if the city fails to change to the land designation of that Hillmoor property (including parcel ZYUP 00131) to enable its commercial and residential development by the Fitzpatrick people.

Person of the Week

Jerry Halbooth Lake Geneva

Jerry Halboth is a advocate and supporter of the Walworth County Special Olympics. Not only does he help raise money and volunteer, but he also competed in many of the events!



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