The Lake Geneva City Council make the right decision when it came to holding off on the second reading about the parking lot proposed to be built atop the remains of a historical residence. But why did they do the “right” thing? It would appear that the citizens living in residences nearby got together and filed a petition. Legally, if action is about to be taken of an exceptional nature on a nearby property twenty percent of the residents living within a hundred feet of the property where the proposed change is being voted on can get together and file a legally binding petition that requires any decision-making body to only approve of the change based upon what is called a super majority (3/4 voting approval of the voting body).

The residents living near the proposed schools parking lot filed that petition. Will the historical home get steam rolled under? Apparently, rather than proceeding with the fast-track approach the Lake Geneva City Council chose prudence instead, a wise decision. Now it will be interesting to see if this ‘waste of time, money and history” parking lot will get the go ahead. If it does it will take almost every council member’s approval to do so.

The Geneva Inn plan to build a banquet hall, tent, etc. is going through the same difficulty as Lake Geneva’s school district. A petition was delivered at Monday night’s meeting to the Town of Linn board. That legal petition requires that a super majority of the board approve the Inn’s recent plan to break the Comprehensive Plan open, as recommended by a slim majority of the planning commission. The Town of Linn has five board members. It will take a positive vote for this negative motion of four of the five members of that board.

Will the four members of the board be as oblivious of the public’s obvious desires as the planning commission was on Monday night?
Will they be as offensively and aggressively block-headed about it as Cully Pillman was at that meeting?

Only time will tell.
The board must make a decision prior to September 3rd because the county can only meet once a year to consider such changes, and that meeting is held in November.
To get the matter before the county board would require getting it on the agenda by September.


Lake Aire, the restaurant.
They were painting just before the storm hit last week.
Finally, the restaurant was doing a bit to improve its image on Main Street. And then the paint Lake-Aire Restuarant lake Genevaspilled.   Gallons of paint fell on the sidewalk to be tracked by people passing by. The police were called about the problem that hadn’t been cleaned up. Ken Robers was called. Dan Winkler was called. All the calls were to no avail, and then God stepped in. The rain came down in sheets and the paint was all washed into the storm drain system and found its way into Lake Geneva and down the White River. How nice. Sometimes, the best of intentions, unless supported by diligent and disciplined supervision, doesn’t result in the best result.

Is Fun

Mike Ditka at the Haberdapper

Mike Ditka visited Haberdapper, seen here on Tuesday with Steve Monticello and his lovely wife (the owners). Ditka was there with Paul Horning and many people stopped by to have a really terrific time with them.Both men come off as class acts, just like Steve and his wife.

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