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Last Monday, February 8th, there was a tourism committee meeting.
The Geneva Shore Report received a lot of great updates on tourism in Lake Geneva. Stephanie Copsey gave an update on marketing and the bridal show. Website traffic and session durations are up quite a bit, which could be a result of the renovations happening at the Riviera. Corporate events are expected to be back in 2022, so advertisements and promos are going out to remind businesses that the Riviera will be open and ready when they begin in-person events again.

The Lake Geneva Winter Bridal Expo was a huge success, with over 250 attendees in person and over 1000 online attendees. This resulted in 3 booked weddings and 1000 emails of brides looking for a venue. VISIT Lake Geneva also gave some updates and at the top of the list was Winterfest which was a huge success. Despite the frigid temperatures and cold winds attendance was great and downtown was busy. Eleven teams came and carved their creations while braving the cold and all finished on time. This year VISIT posted pictures and updates online regularly so people could follow along at home and it was a big success.

The number one question or comment VISIT would receive from visitors was wanting to know where they could get coffee or hot chocolate to enjoy while viewing the sculptures. They don’t want to go far to get these items so this year a vendor mall was set up along Wrigley Drive, so Avant and Inspired were set up to sell their coffee and hot chocolate. It was great to see VISIT keeping things local and helping them earn extra income. The visitor’s center is still taking calls from visitors asking if they are still able to come to view the snow and ice sculptures. With the cold temperatures expected through the end of the month, they will be intact for quite some time and are still bringing overnight stays to Lake Geneva.


Blame it on the bears.
There are 24,000 bears in Wisconsin, according to the last bear census, or approximation, or what-ever.  The bears are going to get their full share of justice this year because the DNR increased the bear hunt tags being issued up to 10,000.  They, however, only expect that about half that number will be shot.  So, this year the state ought to lose about twenty percent of its bear population.  By the way, the hunters are just getting even for all the violence the bears have committed over the years.

Here is the grim statistic:  zero.  That’s how many humans have been killed by bears over the last one hundred years of record-keeping about such things.  There have been zero killed by wolves and cougars too.  Wisconsin is a pretty peaceful state when it comes to wildlife.  So, why the necessity of hunting the bears down and killing them?  There is also no special attention paid to female or baby bears, like are respected in the deer hunting ordinances.  Go out and take the kids and shoot a baby bear. Is this is what is needed to make families grow together better? Wisconsin can be a pretty cold place to live, and this new hunting permit for the year 2021 is a perfect demonstration of just how open and warm the population of Wisconsin can be while at the same time not having that depth of warmth reach to the very core.  Bears are pretty neat creatures and maybe the people might try measuring up to their conduct.  There’s no evidence that bears have been killing bears over the years, either.  214 humans were murdered by other humans in Wisconsin in the year 2020 alone.  There is no current hunting tag issue for culling the human herd of such dangerous creatures.  The bears are going to pay, however.


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