What type of changes can the City Council make to Draft #3 of the Comprehensive Plan, before it has to again go through the 30-day public review period?

1.) In the new Jan. 8th,2020 Map #3 Natural Features-the sections containing Rare/Endangered Species Aquatic and Aquatic & Terrestrial was removed. Could it be added without another 30-day review period?

2.) In the new Jan. 8th, 2020 Map # 4 Existing Land use for the property at 1201 Townline Road was changed making what currently exists on that property as shown on the Dec. 14th, 2009 Map #3 not in compliance with new Map #4 and not compatible with the future Map #5a or #5b. This is especially strange because on Dec. 23, 2019, Resolution 19-R79 was approved as shown on the old Dec. 14th, 2009 Map #4 

3.) Page 1 the growth policy is a totally new addition to the comprehensive plan and it is the first thing in the comprehensive plan, but it is not listed in the table of contents, and it precedes the “executive summary which is listed as starting on page 1, but which actually starts near the bottom of page 2.” The growth policy, as written, is not a polity, but an opinion, just as much of the executive summary is an opinion, which is why it used to be in the commentary comments about the comprehensive plan.

4.) Placing the growth policy in the body of the comprehensive plan (on numbered pages) gives it the power of the comprehensive plan rather than being viewed as a forward or a commentary about the comprehensive plan.

5.) In a similar manner, the executive summary was moved from being a forward, or a commentary comment about the comprehensive plan, to being within the comprehensive plan. This changes it from a forward, a commentary, or an overview of the plan, to an integral part of the comprehensive plan, with the force of the plan itself.


The Visit Lake Geneva member’s meeting this month was a huge success.
Beth from the Bottle Shop hosted the January meeting. The meeting was held in the new space that Beth has incorporated into her already wonderful space after Tristen Crist moved on to his new theater. The space was perfect for the event and added a bit of grandness for special guests Senator Nass and Sara Meaney from Wisconsin Tourism. Meaney was in attendance to present Visit Lake Geneva with a JEM Grant for $35,000. The grant is to be used for funding new and old events and activities for the upcoming Lake Geneva Winterfest 2020.

The Winterfest week starts Wednesday, January 29th, and runs through Sunday, February 2nd. Building the snow blocks for the sculpting will begin on Monday before the National Snow Sculpting Competition begins, and that is an event in itself. The fifteen snow sculpting teams will begin their snow creations on Wednesday, the 29th. Lake Geneva will be packed with thousands of spectators from everywhere. The GSR will be there, along with several other media venues, some local and some not. NBC’s Today Show may be covering the festival, and A&E may have scouts looking for snow artistry to include in future television shows. This is all great exposure, free advertising, and a wonderful opportunity to showcase what a class act Lake Geneva is and the people of Lake Geneva are.

Winter on the ‘Riviera’

Winter on the Riviera

A cold but beautiful winter afternoon at the Riviera on Geneva Lake. Note the scaffolding!


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