The actual average increase in population in the City of Lake Geneva has been on the decline over each ten-year period from 1990 until 2020.
So, why has Vandewalle & Associates Inc. determined that there will be a dramatic increase in population in the next 10 years until 2030, and then drop like a rock to an average of one person per year between 2030 and 2040?
Does Vandewalle & Associate Inc. know something that we do not know?  They must or they would not highlight that population projection in Draft #3 of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. By including the closing of Wrigley Drive, which has been overwhelmingly opposed by residents, and including activating the streets as a gathering place for public art, along with increasing promotion material, this will cause a temporary increase in visitors and development followed by a rapid drop off, or a collapse, at which time the repurposing of the center block (south of Main St. and west of Broad St.) with a single resort with under-ground parking is anticipated. That goes along with the closing of Wrigley Drive and the boat launch. If that happens the real attraction of the area for residents and new residents will drop off rapidly. What part of this speculation is real and what part is not?
Only time will tell, but let Vandewalle & Associates explain why they highlighted the population projection that projected a population increase to 8,860 by 2030 but only a ten-person increase to 8,870 ten years later in 2040.

Population Growth projected Lake Geneva


The old church that sits on the corner of Geneva and Broad Street in downtown Lake Geneva has had many roles. Originally it started as a church, and more recently it has housed many different businesses. The building’s newest owners are now doing an extensive remodel and are converting it into a brewery. The brewery was originally scheduled to open by Oktoberfest 2019, but an unexpected amount of work was required to remodel the beautiful, but not so well maintained structure, and opening day was delayed. Exterior work is still ongoing, and interior work is scheduled to begin this week. The brewery equipment has been delivered and set up in the lower level. The cooking school and bookstore are still tenants in the building, but that will soon change as well. The Breadloaf Book Shop has been given a thirty-day notice to vacate the premises. Harold Johnson the owner was a little surprised by this as he expected to be able to continue renting the space. The Breadloaf has been in Lake Geneva for forty-eight years and would like to continue to stay in the area.



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