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The past year has been a tough and challenging time for almost everyone in the United States.
Sometimes it is forgotten that even though life can get stressful and difficult, like with all the changes that came in 2020, there are physical resources and personnel who are there to help find a way through. For some, social distancing can create a feeling of being alone or isolated, which increases stress and anxiety. Fear and anxiety can lead to being overwhelmed. Even though it is well known that preventive actions are necessary to help stop the spread of the disease, that doesn’t mean practicing them is easy. Suicide has been on the rise during the pandemic, and people are now speaking out more on the signs, treatments, and prevention. There are healthy ways to cope with symptoms and help relieve stress.

A good starting point is to begin the New Year eating healthy, exercising, setting time aside to unwind, and getting a good night’s sleep. It’s also important to take care of mental health and check in with a professional if feelings of depression, anxiety, extreme fear, or thoughts of suicide begin to appear. To help guide people through this difficult time the Elkhorn Resilience Coalition and Walworth County Human Services invite everyone to a discussion on Suicide Awareness. A panel of speakers will share stories dealing with mental health and also answer any questions that might arise, along with sharing resource information. Join the conversation Wednesday night, January 20th, at 6 p.m., at the Elkhorn Area High School Auditorium, or attend the event online. Register to participate in person or online at


The weather has finally been conducive to growing icicles and building the Ice Castle in the Geneva National Resort.
The footprint is much larger than originally expected, which will give visitors more room to practice social distancing, while still receiving the full experience that the Ice Castle has to offer. The Castle is anticipating opening Friday, January 15th, at 4 p.m. With temperatures coming down, more typical of this time during a Wisconsin winter, the employees have a good chance of completing the castle on time. Each year the design of the ice castle changes, so each castle is unique, and, of course, weather dependent. The workers had a rough start this year, with temperatures being warmer than average, but things are finally looking up for the ice castle.


The Bridal Expo is a ‘go’ for 2021.  The 2nd Annual Lake Geneva Bridal Expo will look a little bit different this year. The event is offering an in-person event on Saturday, January 23rd, at both Bella Vista Suites and The Cove. Guests can enjoy an afternoon of wedding planning while looking for inspiration from vendors promoting services. Guests will be able to talk with the area’s top wedding professionals and get questions answered. For those wanting to enjoy the event from the comfort of a warm home, the expo will also be available online for free in the month of January. Search for the best and most experienced professions in the area while viewing products and services offered. This is a great opportunity to make wedding dreams come true. Go to and search Lake Geneva Bridal Expo.

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