Lake Geneva is blessed with one of the most unique and dramatic library properties in the Midwest.
The building in Library Park was designed by a Frank Lloyd Wright protégé. The library property was gifted for the purpose of being built into a library in 1894, and the finished structure has been in Library Park overlooking the lake ever since. Library Renovations are underway and have been since before the virus. Now that the idea and planning phase is done, the physical work is about to get underway. As with any construction and renovation project, however, unexpected issues crop up. The library is finding this out, with asbestos being discovered in the ceilings. The pandemic also brought up some issues not thought about but are now being discovered as potential necessities so plans may change to make things as accessible as possible as far as space, storage, cleaning areas, and restrooms are concerned.

The American Relief Plan will potentially provide the city with grant money (more than originally thought) to be used for qualifying departments, including projects like the library. The library may qualify for some of the money and has presented a request to the city in hopes that some of the grant money will be allocated to the renovation project or, if not, then the city may be convinced to help in funding the Lake Geneva Public Library in its remodel. Of course, the library is campaigning and fundraising to help in the effort, as well. The community population, and others visiting, can utilize and enjoy the facility. The most recent fundraising has been done with the sale of tables, chairs, file drawers, cabinets belonging to the library. During renovations starting July 15th. curbside service will be available Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. To put items on hold, call 262-249-5299 or go to Website Update.

Wi-Fi will still be available outside the library and hotspots able to be checked out curbside. You may print, fax, or scan email to:
or send documents to


Churches in downtown Lake Geneva could get free parking passes for parishioners.
Under a previous administration, there was a verbal agreement between the city, churches, and parking department to not charge or ticket cars parked by the churches downtown until services were over. The current administration knows nothing about this verbal agreement, so parking has been enforced Sunday mornings as the ordinance is written. The church officials are now looking for an agreement with the current administration to initiate a plan to provide free parking for church services. It was suggested that possibly each church get a designated amount of parking passes to distribute among parishioners, as they see fit. Another suggestion was to change the ordinance to identify certain geographic areas where the paid parking program would not be enforced until after a certain time when church services are over. The public works committee was split on this issue and sent it to the city council with no recommendation. The city council discussed the issue and referred it back to the parking department to decide on the best and easiest way to go about giving the churches free parking. The council wasn’t against giving the churches free parking but want to make sure it’s done properly and through the right channels. The next update will be in August at the public works meeting.


Last week the business improvement district (BID) met and was presented with the idea of laser shows by the Riviera to help make Lake Geneva a more unique destination.
Laser Fusion (the company) presented and discussed possible ideas for shows by the lake, including using a boat to project lasers and choreographing shows along with events downtown. The hope is to help draw people in and keep them out enjoying Lake Geneva during the nighttime hours. The representative even suggested projecting sponsors’ logos on walls with beams and graphics as a unique way of advertising. The board members were curious and interested in the idea of incorporating laser shows to draw people in, so a formal presentation will be on next month’s agenda. The mayor had another idea for advertising Lake Geneva businesses. Stephanie Kopsey’s new showroom on the first floor of the Riviera has designated wall space for the businesses to advertise for $250 per year. It is a great location for hotels and restaurants to show the incoming brides and grooms what Lake Geneva has to offer to help make their special day a day to remember.


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