The Elkhorn Ribfest is back for the 2021 season!
Ribrun will kick off a four-day event on Thursday, August 15th, and will be free to enter. Ribrun is an open bike show for all riders and bikes, where participants ride and park their bikes in the middle of the festival grounds until it is full. There is no ’run,’ to the event. Participants can arrive anywhere between 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. before judging begins. Artisan Vendor Alley will also be back, and all products are unique and homemade. The main event features Wisconsin’s largest BBQ festival and national rib competition. Barbecue vendors from all over the country will compete for the title of having the best ribs and they’ll serve up tasty slabs of ribs and sides. There will also be carnival rides and live music from local bands to entertain the whole family. Entrance and parking are free and runs through Sunday, July 18th.


Virtual meetings and appointments have become the norm.
Lake Geneva has been offering televised meetings for years and, with the pandemic shutdown, meetings have been available through VIMEO, Zoom, and audio participation via the telephone. This service was offered to city officials and the public, allowing board members, committee members, and the public to attend remotely, and it proved to be a wonderful alternative way to conduct city business during the pandemic. The shutdowns and closures are over and city hall is open at full capacity, but that does not mean the virtual era is over. This is 2021 and the world is all about utilizing the technology available. The idea of allowing the public to participate is great and everyone seems on board with this, but, when it comes to city officials, some are concerned this platform will be abused, and maybe already has been. A policy for audio and video conferencing for meetings needs to be, and will be, written. City Administrator David Nord and City Attorney Dan Draper will be working on the policy and will be including when and how city officials can use the remote options. The policy of continuing remote participation will be presented at a future meeting, where it will be discussed, and decided upon. Some of the city officials took full advantage of the remote participation and did not set foot in council chambers for a year or more. This is concerning to some, and city officials are working on rules about how the new policy can help prevent this from happening in the way it did again.

Animals Of The Week

Baby Frog Elkhorn

Baby frog found near elkhorn. One of many amphibians found in the marshes and lakes in the area.

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