A sad day on Geneva Lake.
On Tuesday, July 13th, at approximately 3:40 p.m., Williams Bay Rescue responded to a water rescue about a young male who disappeared underwater while tubing. The male victim was allegedly being pulled by a white boat while tubing when he fell off the tube and his life jacket came off. Search efforts began immediately. Williams Bay requested the Fontana rescue boat and Linn rescue for assistance and was quickly assisted by several other departments. The search area was about 1,700 feet south of George Williams College. The staging was set up at the George Williams College and the Williams Bay Boat launch was closed for all responders to have full access to the lake and have room for their equipment. The rescue mission eventually turned into a recovery mission as too much time had gone by with no success.

Search efforts continued through the night and continued into the next morning. All hi-tech equipment was utilized in the recovery efforts. Multiple agencies from Wisconsin and Illinois responded and assisted in the search and recovery with multiple sonars and remote-operated underwater vehicles utilized. Wednesday, July 14th, the victim was recovered in approximately 28 feet of water. Two ROV’s were used to recover the victim. The drowning victim was Fadi Albazi, a 22-year-old male from Morton Grove Illinois. The Geneva Shore Report staff would like to thank all the heroic first responders for all their efforts and send the victim’s family, and all those affected by this tragedy, our deepest sympathy.


The second reading of Ordinance 21-05, amending the Chapter 98 zoning ordinance.
This item was sent back to the plan commission with more definitive instructions and directions about what needs to be changed and the verbiage that must be clear and definitive. This potential ordinance has been passed back and forth several times, from the plan commission to the council. The proposed ordinance on the table has had an extensive review from the plan commission and the intent of the ordinance is to improve the water quality and ensure the longevity of Geneva Lake.

Reducing the current 60% pervious (earth) surfaces is the only section of the ordinance in question. In order to retain the current 60% pervious (earth) and 40% impervious (concrete), the amendment may need to be deleted. The ordinance will be referred back to the Lake Geneva Plan Commission for the requested changes. This will take some time, so, instead and of listing it as an agenda item at every plan commission and city council meeting the ordinance will not be on this month’s plan commission agenda, as that agenda is already extremely. This ordinance will need to have a public hearing, giving it the full attention, it requires, expect to see it on the calendar for August or September.

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Elmers Boat Rental Lake Geneva

Elmers Boat Rental, located at the Riviera The staff is great, friendly, and very skilled on the lake. The people who work there make life on the lake a lot more fun.

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