Have you noticed the bushes and the flowers?
The new board of the Business Improvement District went out and worked over the routine that had been developed for installing flowers and bushes throughout the downtown streets of Lake Geneva. For half the price they did twice the work and got twice the result.  Once again, the shop in Delavan (The Treasure Hut) came through and, with a much smaller budget, still managed to really take care of the city.  Along with the decorative work, the growing trees, installed all over Lake Geneva by the Department of Public Works (yes, run by that same problematic fellow named Tom Earle), fit right in.  The city is looking magnificent, and it is a wonderful thing to see as the entire area rises up from the punishing scourge everyone experienced with the virus.


Lake life and water shows go together.
Geneva Lake does not have a ski or water show but just twelve miles east of Lake Geneva, on Lake Mary in Lance Park Twin Lakes, the Aquanut Water Shows perform every Wednesday and Saturday at 6 p.m. from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The team there is extremely talented and includes world champion barefoot skiers and a five-time national champion ballet line. The amazing pyramids, jumps, and tricks are a thrill for everyone. The Aquanauts also offer ski clinics open to the community, as well as sponsor an adaptive ski program that offers those with disabilities the ability to experience the excitement of water sports. For more information go to the website at or Facebook at

Place Of The Week

Pearce's Farm Stand, Lake Geneva

Pearce’s Farm Stand is now selling early corn. It’s been tested by GSR staff and it’s confirmed to be some of the best corn in Wisconsin.

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