All liquor license renewals were approved at the last city council meeting, including for Harry’s Cafe and Cuoco Pazzo.
Both businesses were thought to be closed and not producing any sales, which was brought up as a concern at the previous finance, licensing & regulation meeting. Some questioned why these two businesses were not being examined or investigated while other businesses have had to go to great lengths to prove they deserved to hold their liquor license. Some businesses had to go as far as providing water bills, receipts, liquor invoices, and other information similar to going to a trial.  Some people were concerned Harry’s and Cuoco Pazzo were closed for more than ninety consecutive days, which would be reason enough to take back their liquor licenses. Harry’s has been a staple in Lake Geneva for ninety-eight years and plans on continuing that tradition. The building is no longer for sale and will remain in the family while it continues to run the restaurant in hopes of also supporting more private parties. During the time that the restaurant was closed due to the pandemic the restaurant did host private parties sporadically and accommodated what it was comfortable with while trying to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Now that Covid-19 cases are declining, and people are getting vaccinated, the owners feel comfortable reopening and serving downtown Lake Geneva again. The restaurant will be fully opened and ready to go when the summer crowds begin to show up. Cuoco Pazzo is in a similar situation. Before renewing its liquor license the city did request sales receipts and sales tax returns to verify that the license didn’t go unused for ninety consecutive days. The owners explained that the building they are renting from is for sale but the restaurant has remained open. Cuoco Pazzo was able to produce the items requested and has remained open to take full advantage of the busy summer season.


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