ShoShoe is in and the Bootery is out. Lake Geneva will not go shoeless. The new operation is building in not far down Main Street west of where the Bootery was. The Bootery has become a women’s clothing and accessories store where shoes are also sold but not as the main line. ShoShoe (pronounced, “shoe shoe,” will be open by late June for those people whose souls are wearing thin. Or even whose soles are wearing thin.

New home for Shoo Shoo

ShoShoo is here, following the sale and changes that have become part of the Bootery on the corner just west of the soon to open ShoShoo. Right there on Main Street and opening in lake June. They’ve hired Christa from the now defunct Galena Olive Oil Company on Cook Street. She’s a jewel, fun and will give you more service than you might expect elsewhere. Go in.


The Lake Geneva Tree Board meeting was cancelled this past month due to lack of a quorum (interest). Alderperson Kupsik chastised the council for missing meetings because trees are especially important at this time of the year. Not so much so the Lake Use Committee (that Sarah Hill claimed hadn’t met again since the last time she blew off their meeting during the previous month) nor the LG Economic Development Corp (members Gelting and Hedlund claim lost their own personal invitations to attend). Sometimes it would appear that the leadership of Lake Geneva is not run by people named Conners, Kordus and Kupsik. Sometimes it seems to be a leadership made up of people named Larry, Moe and Curly.

Lary, Moe aand Curly

PHONY EXPRESS, Larry Fine, Moe Howard, Curly Howard [The Three Stooges], 1943

Utah Blaine kept referring to the Lake Geneva City Council on Monday night as the “Supreme Authority” which freaked out the outraged members of the rebel left wing sitting on the east side of the council chambers. The previous city administrator spoke of the Reich but never used the word supreme. It would seem that dead people can be very expensive and whiny. Alderperson “Cordite” Kordus and the Lake Geneva’s Mayor Conners were shocked at the low the bid that came in for coffin location software, so they send the results out for bid again. The new price for the necessary search and placement software came in between $70,000 and $100,000 (to find and identify the city’s filled graves). Those pesky left wing rebels in council chambers grumbled about simply attaching a GPS marker to each body but they were shushed quite successfully.

It turns out that if dead bodies could not move to avoid detection then America would have almost no politicians currently serving. Detection software will be ordered and paid for.

The Voting Dead



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