God Save the Children


The anti-vaccination movement just gets better and dumber by the day. The schools, and other places in New York, where the religion-based “Dopey Wan Kenobi” leaders teach how vaccinations cause autism (which is a complete lie based on zero credible research) are growing measles at a frightening rate. Measles, a child killing and maiming disease that was nearly eradicated from the planet by vaccinations years ago, is back. But it’s only back because some of these frighteningly stupid and mostly far out religious leaders see spreading the disease (and others, like polio) as a way to get attention and command a small dumbed-down section of the public to join them. There is evil in the universe and it must be fought constantly and with great vigor and vigilance. The leaders of these sects of religious stupidity must be outed, and their duped followers helped from killing and hurting their own kids, as well as others. Do not follow blindly those things that don’t work!

Science is the word we use to describe how we follow those things that have been proven to work over time. We follow tested and retested procedures that do work by using tested and retested devices and results. Do not sell out science because the result is vapid killing and cruel maiming stupidity. Protest for the kids. All kids, not just your own. How do these cults do it? How do totally bogus messages reach the public and become convincing, like those about creationism and the anti-vaccine movement? It’s subtle. It’s not very direct at all unless you think about it. The media is up to its veritable neck in this, and so is the Internet, particularly social media sites like Facebook. Everywhere on the Internet, you see the word “hate” changed to be an attack word. If someone disagrees with a stated belief, the recipient just turns around and states that that person criticizing the belief is filled with hate. Somehow, this new weaponized word, which used to mean extreme dislike or loathing, now has the person defined as such centered as a marginalized target for whatever it is they said or they might stand for.

The word “fake” has been changed too. Once that word meant something that was not correct or invented to appear real but was not really. Now, this new attack word is used upon anyone disagreeing. Whatever they might say or write is attacked as fake, and the person with it. Another trick is to flip things. That was blatantly done by CBS News the other morning. The new Iran crisis was played up. How the Iranians started making enriched uranium again, justifying why Trump has placed heavier sanctions on them. Not. Trump announced the sanctions well before Iran started saying it would go back to nuclear weapons research in retaliation. The real accurate story was earlier and that story was everywhere. Not today. Today it’s Trump appearing rational in reaction, and the Iranian’s as contemptible weapons-makers, etc. The tax stuff on Trump, making him one of the nation’s greatest losers financially of all time, is pretty much ignored, and he’s the president! Say what? On Fox, the obvious tax fraud he committed for years, and then even bragged about on open public television, is spun into how what he did was merely a form of ‘sport’ that every real estate developer plays. How are any tax laws to be enforced when this kind of stuff gets admitted into every tax case that goes to court in the future? Trying to figure out reality today is like a full-time job! And, it appears that those who are the least real of all are running things.

Adults may accept these lies and right-in-the-face prevarications with some sense of sighing acceptance, but what of the children? How is it that parents and teachers are to expect any kind of truth-telling from the children when these same television-watching and Internet-surfing children can cite the president of the United States in telling such bald-faced lies and not being held accountable or punished? Should the same accepting treatment be afforded to the children, as is being allowed for the leader of the free world? Is integrity parenting to be consigned to the trash bin all across America? Is God the only one who might be prayed to in order to have Him step in where the intelligence of an entire nation writes itself off and simply gives up? God save the children, because the nuclear family structure and application of decency in learning, and then telling things the way they are, has been lost at the very top of society? What’s happening with this kind of “celebrating ignorance” kind of acceptance has to be fought by every man and woman who is raising, and has raised, a child. Adults must demand truth from the leadership, not only for themselves but for the future success of their own children. Parents cannot give up. The Roman parents of old gave up, and barbarians rode right in. The barbarians didn’t even need weapons. The Roman’s didn’t lay down their arms. They laid down their beliefs. The barbarians of today are right here and right now, waiting at the open gates. Don’t let them in. Fight for yourself and your children. God helps those who help themselves.

~ James Strauss


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