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Is the city’s ethics code effective? Ethics codes, like other laws, are only as effective as their enforcement. Laws that are not enforced are ignored. Has any city official or city employee ever been prosecuted for an ethics code violation? Does that mean that there have never been any ethics code violations by any city official or city employee in the City of Lake Geneva? Of course not. It just means that the ethics law has not been enforced.

It would be naïve to believe that there hasn’t been a prosecutable ethics code violation in a city in which there was the

  • $100,000 library theft, a credit card scandal,
  • The 100 tons of free salt given away to two landscapers,
  • Private property stored on city property,
  • The car towing scandal which included the confiscation and disposition of those towed cars to friends and relatives of city employees
  • The city’s use of the $600,000 gift money to pay private assessments.

However, those discrepancies are in the past and with the departure, replacement or removal of those that were responsible from key city positions, it is time to finish the house cleaning by not reappointing ex-city officials when their terms on city commissions expire. In addition, because commissioners have some autonomous authority but are not elected, the number of terms that a citizen can serve on a commission or committee should be limited. Furthermore, the makeup of committees and commission members should represent the city, and not be controlled by one district like the Plan Commission where 6 of the 8 member are all from the same district, and live in close proximity to each other or the members of the Police and Fire Commission where the majority have a common affiliation.

Committees and commissions should be made up of one member from each district, with no district having more than two citizen representatives. When possible, commission members should also represent diverse groups (social, economic, racial, ethnic, etc.). All of this should be common sense for a government that is of the people, for the people and by the people, but in the City of Lake Geneva it is not. In the City of Lake Geneva, those and only those who share the same views as the mayor ever get appointed to a commission or committee. As a result, the commissions and committees have become dominated by a select group of likeminded individuals, versus a diverse group that would truly be representative of the city.

Dancing Horses 3rd Annual Veterans Appreciation Day

Dancing Horses Lake Geneva Veterans Show


Danell Vincenti, the younger daughter of Dana Montana, is putting on something special.
This class act of a neat woman is putting on a special veteran’s celebration. For the third time, a Veteran’s Appreciation Day will be held on Sunday the 24th of June, at Dancing Horses on Highway 50 in Delavan.

All current serving members of the military and all veterans will be welcomed in for free. This event is going to include the horse show, the bird show, and a backstage tour. Stinebrinks is going to provide a dessert table too. The cost to the family members of active members of the military and veterans will be ten bucks each to attend. Join Danell and her mother in honoring the military and veterans. The communities around the lake cannot thank Danell Vincenti and Dana Montana enough.

Person of Week

Thomas Langan

Thomas Langan is the producer of Today’s Builder Television Show. Tom and his people were in the area researching for their next series last week. Thomas is a great down to earth guy, and was really enjoying the small town feel he gets in Lake Geneva, and from the people of Lake Geneva. Currently they are working with Lowell Management to showcase some of Lowell’s beautiful custom homes



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