Willow Road closes for about a month, or so, or so they say. There is no question that the road needs to be rebuilt from the foundations up. This stretch of road, connecting Hwy 120 (commonly called the Bypass) with South Lake Shore Dr. at the intersection where Louis’s fabulous pizza shop is located, has been a breaking potential disaster area for the last few years. Ever since the bypass was built big trucks have found a terrific way to avoid the truck scales located on Hwy 12 near the Wisconsin/Illinois border. The huge semi-truck trailer’s roll west on Hwy 50, take the bypass and generally head south when it turns upon encountering Willow Road. Some of them don’t turn. Some of those rolling monsters continue driving west on Willow until they reach South Lake Shore Rd, and then they turn south. Willow was never built to handle such heavy loads or constant truck traffic. The rebuild either needs to respond to this illegal truck activity by building more solid foundations under the asphalt, or somehow get much more attention from the elements of law enforcement that should be out stopping this kind of road destroying activity.

Listed as Item Number Four in last week’s public reference agenda provided by the Lake Geneva Fire and Police Commission, indicating a desire to speak for a limited maximum of five minutes:

“Tom Pinkl, an owner of a small art gallery across the street spoke. Mr. Pinkl wished Commander Thmoas Pinkl Ret. Lake Genevato file a complaint against the City of Lake Geneva Police Department and City of Lake Geneva. Mr. Pinkl stated he has talked to state officials and United States Senator Ron Johnson and the FBI regarding his complaints. He as requested a Federal investigation against the City of Lake Geneva Police Department for conspiracy between the Police Department, the City of Lake Geneva and his neighbor regarding parking lot access because he feels his constitutional rights have been violated. This situation has been going on since January of 2014. He cannot use his parking lot and is sitting with a $6000.00 vandalism bill by his neighbor’s snowplow company. Mr. Pinkl would like the Police and Fire Commission to look seriously into this matter and Mr. Pinkl asked for a private meeting with the Commission.”

Roll Over accident Lake Geneva WI

Rollover right in front of Lake Geneva City Hall last April 23, 2015 at
8:15 a.m. Nobody was hurt, although several city leaders were seen to be running
for their lives!

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