Bill Gage. The rather quiet, studious and mild-mannered CEO of Gage Marine (that operates all commercial passenger and mail boats on Lake Geneva) wants to know who is behind what’s going on with the latest actions opposing Lake Geneva’s leaders. “Parsley, gage, rosemary and thyme”…and the lyrics are all about Gage Marine. Bill Gage has been poking around Lake Geneva haunts and hinterlands trying to gauge the new activist attitude of some Lake Geneva citizens, and to find out who it is that is responsible for this vocal group’s awakening.

There’s a seemingly brand new urge on the part of the Lake Geneva public to be nonconforming in Bil Gage of Gage Marina Lake Genevafollowing what the good old leadership of Lake Geneva has been handing out for so long. It seems hard for a silver-spooner like Bill to understand why the citizens of Lake Geneva would ever oppose projects he feels would be good for them…translated to mean ‘what’s good for Gage Marine’ should automatically be good for the citizens of Lake Geneva. A recent project that went down to crashing failure, like the downtown parking structure demonstrates this. How could the public have opposed it when it would have been such a boon to Gage Marine business? Bill is wandering in shock, a bit addled and wandering about like Mayor Jim Connors. “Say what?” they murmur to one another every once and awhile.

Now it appears that Mr. Gage is once again perplexed and upset with the citizens for opposing moving the boat launch to BigFoot and destroying that wonderful park. Citizen sheep are no longer being herded to do the bidding of any administration and that’s causing consternation in the Gage world. Alderperson Sarah Hill let everyone know at the recent council meeting she might be a part of Gage’s probing venture by giving him and his pier company a big plaudit during that meeting for doing such a terrific job installing city piers. Apparently Gage Marine managed to install piers above water and connected them to the shore, which was simply amazing. What other pier company could possibly have done a job like that? When the public comments/residency issue was introduced once again, council member Sarah spoke briefly again but said little, if to support a later agenda, possibly saving herself for another go at it again next week when the new TIF projects will be voted on.

Alderperson Sarah Hill Lake GenevaSarah Hill’s real job is serving as a realtor in the fragmenting giant real estate firm call Keefe Real Estate. If Sarah is involved in any part of the Hillmoor deal then everyone might be alerted to watch for Sarah to come out swinging like Manny Pacquiao next Monday to bring back the boat ramp and reroute the road as TIF projects. Sarah Hill is a fighter. Hopefully, in the opinion of many of these newly interested activist citizens, she will suffer the same fate as Mr. Pacquiao. Alderman Kordus was able to advance his totalitarian agenda on the subject of limiting free speech when he recommended the Council suppress ways of thinking at variance with his own views by having all public comments submitted in letter form to the city clerk who would then bury them in the council minutes never to be heard, seen or likely read by anyone. Fortunately five other aldermen didn’t agree with him so Sarah Hill’s idea of a residency requirement to speak at council meetings and limiting public comments to three minutes died a deserving death. Again. Monday night’s meeting was a heartwarming event for the public to be able to observe five of its eight alderpersons practicing real democracy and open government. With a little help from its friends.


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