Television Series Review. Madmen. Next to last show of the final season. This brilliantly conceived and written masterpiece of a series ends with a whimper, not a bang, if the second to the last show on AMC Sunday night was to be any indicator. The actors and producers are writing the show and it becomes ever more evident as the series winds down. It reminds anyone old enough to remember the television screenwriter’s strike years ago. A series like Moonlighting, the series that made Bruce Willis a household name and action adventure star of mega-proportions, had no writers so the actors and idiotic nepotistically placed producers stepped in to carry the day. They carried the show into near instant oblivion because, well, they not only could not write but also, and it became evident, they didn’t know they couldn’t write. Madmen is going through this ‘hammered snot on the sidewalk’ kind of experience. The germ-brained producers and actors are ‘returning the characters to their natural roots whence they came.’ The old hoary people don’t change garbage. This second to last show barely had any dialogue in it simply because writing dialogue is a honed and polished gift that comes from a foundation of intellect, education and life experience. This madmen show once again demonstrates that those three qualities are about as rare floating around in Hollywood as icebergs are in Pearl Harbor. Go ahead and pull this second to last show up on “On Demand” if you are overpaying for premium cable or satellite viewing. If your lip does not curl into a knowing smirk, it’s simply because you fell asleep before the first commercial.

Television Series Review. Fortitude. First full season. Weird. From vitally interesting, well acted mystery set on a small Norwegian island deep above the arctic circle, this show plunges down the front side of runaway roller coaster track toward god knows what. Either the thing is going to recover at some unseeable bottom dipping curve and scream upward back into intellectual satsifaction or continue it’s nightmare journey into deliberately dumbed down death is unknown. Season two has been picked up and will be filming soon. The greatest thing about Fortitude, other than it has starred a brilliant actor named Tucci until they killed him off, is that it well illustrated the kind of Danish modern nearly mindless simplicity


Fortitude Television Series 2015

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