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The women who work at the front counter of Lake Geneva City Hall may have a scheduling change in their future.
Lake Geneva’s City Administrator David Nord announced at the BID meeting that changes are being made in order to better serve the public and give the employees a little more flexibility. Lake Geneva’s City Hall is currently open from 8:30 a.m. through 5 p.m.  This also makes it difficult for the staff to get any errands done or make any necessary appointments for themselves or their families.  Also, the working residents of Lake Geneva have a hard time stopping in when needed as the current hours are usually while they are working themselves. The new plan is to change hours and have the front counter

Bridget Leech

Bridget Leech is the friendly face of the Lake Geneva Business Improvement District of Lake Geneva will be later, which would allow the employees to have some flexibility in their scheduled hours without taking time off.

The Executive Director of Lake Geneva’s Business Improvement District (BID), Bridget Leech, has resigned, and will be leaving before the New Year begins.
The daunting task of replacing her begins. As of Monday morning, thirty-three applicants had applied, and the BID board members were still working on the details regarding the position and if it will be a full or part-time job. Bridget Leech gave it her all and went above and beyond her scope of duties and hours to create an inviting business district for everyone. It will be interesting to see what happens to this position and the BID with her departure.

Parking rate increases in Lake Geneva may be a reality soon.
The news came from Mayor Hartz himself. The plan is to increase parking revenue by $400,000.00 annually. The issue will be discussed and voted on at the next city council meeting on November 25th. If the increase is passed, the details of how this will happen needs to be narrowed down. The city administrator, parking manager, and head of public works will need to have a serious discussion on what changes could be made and narrow it down to one.

There are a few different scenarios; one being the one dollar spaces change to two dollars and the two-dollar spaces change to three dollars or just changing specific areas like Wrigley Drive and the 500 block of Broad Street. Another possibility would be having parking more year-round or extending hours per day of paid parking. The idea of a parking structure and a shuttle service were also brought up. Not everyone will be happy if this happens, or how this happens, any concerns or ideas from the public can be voiced during public comments at the next city council meeting, Monday, November 25th at 6 p.m. Lake Geneva City Hall.

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by Terry O’Neill
Cartoon by Terry O'neill

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