The  Bright Side

Oh yes, the forces of development are coming for Lake Geneva.
They are doing it relentlessly, although not always silently.  Now, they’ve kicked the Hillmoor football into next year, while they cogitate on how they can screw with the map to bandage, quietly, old wounds they’ve suffered by being turned back from closing the highway across the top of Big Foot Beach and making Wrigley into some sort of walking park only.  Lake Geneva residents and visitors sure don’t care for some roads, and Highway 50 in summer is certainly one of them, but they love other roads.  Wrigley Drive and South Lake Shore Drive running along the water are two of those institutions where the public not only loves them but does not want to lose them.

Referendums to improve those roads, put sand down and make a real beach out of Big Foot, provide railings, etc. would pass overwhelmingly in a referendum but those referendums will never be run.  What can be done is to stop the developers and city leaders dead in their tracks when it comes to taking either or both roads away?

The Wrigley Road situation, if the road were closed, would drive more business away from the restaurants long holding key positions along that wonderful drive.  Guess who owns a restaurant further inland?

Yes, that would be the major’s Simple Restaurant up on Broad Street.

Who’s right their with their new ‘boat club’ at Big Foot Beach.  That’s right, Mr. Pollard.  Pollard’s Symphony Bay development would just love to have that whole Maytag Lagoon as it’s private boat harbor, under the guise of moving the city’s downtown (and difficult) boat launch, and saving the pedestrian children from the map change and stop Pollard and the developers too when it comes to Big Foot.

That road is the third rail of politics in Lake Geneva, even more so than the Hillmoor situation.  Make it the third rail.

Gate to Yerkes Open

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