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Enter the clowns.
An unofficial report of a clown chasing two girls in the parking lot of The Abbey on October 7th at about ten p.m. Security was called, but no clowns were found on the grounds. Friday night fright? Drinking at the bar? Unknown conclusion to this clown story. And then there’s Wells Street in Lake Geneva. Several people, purported to be teenagers, have dressed as clowns and run about in the night hours scaring residents. There has been talk about the clowns brandishing knives, but those reports remain unsubstantiated.

The Lake Geneva Police, and in fact all police departments around the lake, deny having run into any clowns acting out or otherwise. Those reports are, no doubt, accurate as the police departments have no motivation to lie about potential or real sightings. Of course, this may all be playing right into the hands of the evil rampaging clowns. “Wow, be careful! I’m glad my husband and I have our gun cards and he has his conceal/carry license.” That’s a comment by Jenny Metzger Darter from Marion Illinois. That comment was made on Ashley Bree’s Facebook page on October 8th.

The whole clown thing is funny. Years ago clowns were thought to be funny, and were seen at all manner of celebrations. Today, thanks in a huge part to an author named Stephen King, clowns are seen as dark and evil manifestations of social disorder. Be careful out there. The warning Jenny and her husband are sending out is irrational, and downright ignorant (clowns are people wearing costumes, no more) and it is over such misunderstandings and groundless fears that people get killed.

Who is Really Clowning Around


What is going on with the number of attempted breaking and entry violations in the area?
In just the last week there have been a number of them. The Geneva Shore Report covered the one that occurred on Conant Street at the Derick home last week. Since then there have been reports of another on Kendall Street, which is close to Conant. A security alarm went off at the condos located over there and the police were called in. The officers went around to ask neighbors if they had seen anything and for any details or descriptions that they might be able to provide. It was not just an accidental setting off of the alarm. No one was hurt, and it is not known at this time if the intruders were able to make off with anything. Don’t take the relative security of living in a small safe town for granted. Holidays bring out both the best and the worst in people.

Keep Vigilant

The Great Pumpkin

Great Pumpkin

The biggest pumpkin around, weighing in at over a thousand pounds this year at the Octoberfest contest held last Sunday.
in Lake Geneva

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