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Matthew McConnaughey lives and breathes in and around Lake Geneva.
The rumor is fast becoming anything but a rumor as more and more real, first class citizens, chime in about seeing and actually talking to the man. Matthew is pretty tough to mistake for someone else, due to the rather singular nature of his thin-faced, but extraordinarily attractive, facial features. The man appears to be a class act when seen in person, and his television and movie portrayals have done nothing but take advantage of that obvious fact. Two more Lake Geneva citizens who live very close to what is rapidly becoming known as McConnaughey Place on South Shore Road have come forth to announce that they spoke with him last weekend. He was driving a big SUV, and talked to them about the growth of foliage and other estate grounds related material. Are Matthew and his highly regarded wife coming to live on the very edge of Lake Geneva’s waters, well, it’s still too early to tell. It’s difficult not to believe all these sources, now six of them, each independent from the other, simply because they have no motivation to lie about the contacts and sightings. People might say the same of UFO sightings, however. Eventually, the physical sighting of McConnaughey will be evident because someone is going to take his picture in a setting just like the one in this issue. Is that Matthew in the woods, over there on South Lake Shore Drive, or is that just someone who really looks a lot like him?


Disabled or crippled?
Why the City Council is discussing agenda Item 11, the American’s with Disabilities Act, Grievance Procedure, and appointment of an ADA coordinator is not known, but what is known is that the path designated for voters at the last primary election (held at the Lake Geneva Fire Department on Marshall Street) for districts #3 and #4 was neither handicap accessible, nor was a person assigned to help or assist individuals with disabilities. Voters were required to enter through the main side door, and exit through the back of the building. However, in order to exit one had to travel down a hallway, turn left, travel down another hallway to get to the first of two doors that had to be manually opened, which then led into the fire truck parking bay, then continue out through an opened overhead garage door, and then walk across the back of the Fire station to return to the parking lot.

Handicap AccessibilityAlthough a healthy person without a disability can traverse the route, it was not possible for one with a walker, in a wheelchair, or with certain other disabilities to traverse the path by themselves. And again, no assistance was provided. This is not a discussion about a hypothetical situation, as a woman with a walker found out when she reached the end of the second hallway and she found herself unable to open the door. She backed up down the hall with her walker, and as she got back to the first hallway being more than a little bit upset, yelled “This is not handicap accessible”! A local citizen offered to help and she accepted. The citizen then went in front of her and held the two doors open for her, and made sure that she would be able to get to her car.

This is not the only problem that exists with voting at the fire station on Marshall Street. A few years ago the Fire Department held a Tuesday morning meeting at the station on an election day, and those who attended the meeting occupied all the parking spots in the fire station parking lot. Another time firemen dressed in fire fighting gear and stood in the entrance way, which otherwise might not have been a problem, except that during the election the fire fighting association had publically supported one of the candidates on the ballot. Wherever the City of Lake Geneva assigns as its voting places, they should be both handicap accessible, and set up in a non-partisan environment, such as the area schools: Eastwood; Central/Denison; LGMS; Badger HS or Horticultural Hall, Lake Geneva City Hall or the Lake Geneva Public Library.


A Grand Place in Lake Geneva

Common Grounds Coffeeshop

A hidden treasure on East South Street at the Lake Geneva Youth Camp. Common Grounds Coffee Shop presents hot coffee, live music and great people. They are open to the public every third Thursday with live music and hope to be open to the public more often in the future. Check out their line up and hours online.

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