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Article by Terry O’Neill, staff reporter and Lake Geneva Activist.
Here’s your first lesson in Charity:
“Charity is the caring about the entirety of life and not just a selective caring about someone, or some aspects at the exclusion of the rest. You have to care about all of it. That’s what charity requires.” We seem to only care about our little slice of the pie at the expense and exclusion of others, but true caring has no borders or walls, and it even transcending space and time. Charity is a caring feeling from within one’s heart that is attached to a gift of one’s property or time, that is given to another; whereas, a donation by itself is an impersonal gift of one’s things. Charity is to a gift, as love is to touch and it is best when there is a direct connection between the person who is giving it, and the person who is receiving it, because every additional hand it passes through makes the gift more impersonal for both those giving it, and for those receiving it. Charity, like love, is a two-way street that needs to be felt by both parties. Felt by both those suppling the gift and those receiving it, or the value of Charity is lost and it goes unappreciated like an unrequited love or even if appreciated by the one who receives it, it is not Charity if it was begrudgingly given.

Charity from Lake Geneva

Donations to Hurricane Victims

Cargo Container put together by Macs Moving and Storage, Radio Station WSLD (Whitewater) and Steinbrinks Piggly Wiggly in Delavan. Macs is delivering the container down to Houston for Hurricane Harvey release. What a wonderful move on their parts.


Cold Stone Creamery.
It was reported on Monday that the front door locks at Stone Cold Creamery had been taped over (the latches themselves, not the lock per se) with the expectation that someone could return and gain entry without a key.  The police were notified and as this article is written, so alert all shop owners that someone may be working the town to pull this sort of burglary trick.

Cartoon by Terry O’Neill

Terry O'Neill cartoon



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