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Business is business.
If you listen while others speak, and remember what is said, then in time all the pieces can fit together into an intertwined fabric of political business, in which both politicians and businesses compete for influence and control to get what each person wants. Politics includes a diversity of political partners and the businesses include both those for-profit (taxable) and non-profit (tax-exempt) companies. The location and timing of the Kwik-Trip gas station in the City of Lake Geneva is a good example of how the intertwined political moves within the city can be.

The old Arrow Products building had sat vacant for several years and city planners wanted to develop that side of town and get rid of that blight. Well, several years ago before Kwik-Trip, a religious group was looking at purchasing and repurposing the Arrow Products building, but that use did not fit the city planners’ view so that was not going to happen, because at the same time the influential Lutheran congregation from the Church on Park Row, who had moved to a new location on Edwards Blvd had been unable to sell their old church property on Park Row and needed the money to help finance their new church.

As the story goes  Kwik-Trip had approached the city and wanted to open a gas station on the new developing west side of town, but that is not what the city planners wanted. So, Kwik-Trip was told that they could not open a station on the west side of town unless they first opened one on the former Arrow Products lot.

Well, Kwik-Trip bought the property to build its new station, thus the owner of the Arrow Products property sold the property; the religious group was encouraged to purchase the Lutheran church property on Park Row so that the Lutheran congregation got the money they needed. Kwik-Trip also bought the Clark gas station next to it, which would have gone out of business and become city blight. For buying the Clark gas station property, Kwik-Trip was able to increase their paved area by using that property to temporarily meet the city’s green space requirement and then sell that green space to a bank, who paved over and built on that green space and then bought the property next to it to meet its own green space requirement.

Have things changed since the city elected a new mayor or will the political business continue as they did in the past? Only time will tell.


Pearce’s Farm Stand.
This stand is one of the best, and the Pearce Family would say that is because of the wonderful patrons that visit and revisit every season. Pearce’s Farm Stand is dedicating Saturday and Sunday, September 19th and 20th to help celebrate all the farm stand customers. The family fun weekend will include music in the pavilion, concessions, hayrides to and from the pumpkin patch, corn maze, human hamster wheel, jumping bales, and free sweet corn on Sunday. This welcome to the first fall weekend is fun for all ages. Health and safety will be a priority, so social distancing, and masks are highly encouraged.

Feather Your Nest

Feathers at Market Place Lake Geneva

Only at The Market Place in The House can you find a local artist’s beautifully decorated feathers.


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