The Maxwell House Tent Project and what that might lead to.
The “Bethany” collection of properties, ranging from Baker House, to Maxwell House and now the addition of the wreck of a motel located nearby all radiate quality into the neighborhoods they abut as well as the City of Lake Geneva as a whole.

Jeanette Rankin first woman Legislator

Jeanette Rankin was only member of Congress to vote against declaring war on Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941

It’s hard not go along with Bethany and her partner when it comes to using their properties they put so much money into almost any way they want. The problem is that not everyone agrees. That’s also a problem about being alive for human beings, of course. Not everyone is going to agree to anything. Jeanette Rankin voted against going to war with Japan the day after Pearl Harbor!

Bethany wanted to put up a tent on the Maxwell House Property. She applied for a conditional use permit and then put up a tent. The conditional use permit was denied based upon a parking issue (Bethany put up the tent in a parking lot thereby limiting parking!). Bethany took down the tent. What’s the problem with putting up tents, as the Geneva Inn wanted to do adjacent to the their own facility? Noise, parking, drinking and social hubbub of all kinds goes on when weddings and banquets are held in outdoor tents. They go on inside, as well, but those things don’t bother surrounding residents nearly so much as when the ‘party’ is being held out in the open air right next door. Tents are a tough call. It’s hard not to support Bethany one hundred percent but it’s also hard not to understand the complaints of residential neighbors.


The boaters of BigBoot Beach and their makeshift bathroom beach.
Nobody minds the obvious fact that the hundreds of people floating about offshore at BigFoot Beach occasionally enter the shallow waters surrounding their moored vessels to enjoy some cool ‘relief.’ There’s a lot of water and that kind of volume can handle the cooling of the boater’s lower body parts, among other things. It is interesting to note, since the Geneva Shore Report has quite a collection of boat photos along that stretch of BigFoot Beach, that the boaters cheat a bit and move onto the sandy shore thereby denying swimmers space. They also are creatures of extreme habit. They park their boats in the same spaces, as if assigned by some invisible authority, and go back to those same spaces time after time all summer long. The boats and boaters have to be accommodate by everyone because they are out there on Lake Geneva waters having a good time like everyone else who enjoys the lake. It’s all about keeping the rules when there’s a lot of drinking going on along with the wading, swimming, volleyball and more that goes on just off BigFoot Beach. Moderate enforcement and public awareness are what is required. It’s worked in the past and everyone needs to pay attention that this all works well into the future.

BigFoot Beach Boaters 

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