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Dick Malmin.
What can be said of this man, who lives on the lakeside right next to the Geneva Inn? His house, up on the bluff, with a view of everything, was hand built by Malmin himself. His boathouse, as well.   In fact, he took the boat apart and put it back together himself, too. Mr. Malmin is Lake Geneva’s best known activist and advocate. Mr. Malmin opposed Hummel to the ends of the earth, or at least Lake Geneva, and he won. Mr. Malmin opposed the awful development the Geneva Inn wanted, and he won. Mr. Malmin championed the forces opposing the commercialization of Hillmoor, and on Monday night, he won again. Mr. Malmin made sure the lake path was saved when he sent the MuckSuck event on its way. He stopped the BigFoot Beach from losing its road, and being converted to a marina.

Why is he winning, time after time? Why did he specifically win with respect to Hillmoor? His speech. Coming from the heart? But that wasn’t all of what Mr. Malmin brought to the game. He worked to produce petitions, brochures and was out talking on the streets to anyone who would listen. Mr. Malmin’s heart beats with the same tempo and speed as that of the citizenry of Lake Geneva.

It is a wonder to be around him and have him as a great protector.

Dick Malmin

Dick Malmin, Lake Geneva

Dick Malmin speaks eloquently and with deep feeling as he successfully entreats the city council to vote Hillmoor down. And they did. Thank you, Dick Malmin.


Christmas is coming!
The fabulous Grand Geneva Christmas decorations go up on Sunday (the 19th) and you simply have to make that short drive up to the resort and back. Drinks are not cheap at the bar there, but they sure are big. The City of Lake Geneva has not yet come fully aboard to the wild celebration of decorations the Geneva Shore Report thinks they ought to put up all over town, but they will begin putting up the wreaths, light and other decorations this week.

The tree will be that little thing down by the pier again, instead of returning to the seventy-five footer that used to be erected right in the middle of the intersection of Center and Main Streets. It would be so wonderful to retreat back to that tradition, but minds and wallets will have to be accessed to make that possible again.

The new Chamber of Commerce director may be able to effect all that next year.

Cartoon by Terry O’Neill

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill



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