Looking on the Bright Side


Best cellular coverage in the area.
U.S. Cellular, in its little office up by that great little restaurant Dragon City across from Piggly Wiggly, is continuing to be great. Ever since the GSR filed its X-Files investigation results concluding that all the cell phone companies had their nearby towers turned off to save money (about $800 a month for electricity alone) the public has been informed about the rotten nature of cell communications behavior on the part of the monopolized remaining companies providing ‘service.’ The companies figured out that they could give the entire rural population of America marginally satisfactory service with a whole lot less towers than taxpayers had given them money to build. So they turned most of the rural one’s off.

Lake Geneva has nine towers that are inoperative. There’s one turned on, and it belongs to U.S. Cellular. They have the second closest one turned on in Town of Linn. They have the third closest one turned on too. If you get U.S. Cellular then you get decent coverage. If you use ANY of the other providers, then you are joining the crummy service club. And no, the local agents of those companies don’t have a clue. Ask them. They won’t even be able to tell you where their towers are. By deliberation and design. No other media outlet is writing about this because that’s the media writing about the media, and the media does not like that. The GSR does not give a damn. Go with U.S. Cellular. They are now the only real rural cell phone provider, and they are that because of the GSR’s reporting. Nobody, but nobody is going to agree, admit, verify or accept that, however. That’s understood. None of that matters if you need good cell service because you are in a delivery, Uber, or mobile time dependent business. Or if your spouse, or boss, demands to know where you are at all times!


Top (or low) secret.
Noodles and Company, the chain restaurant store is coming to Lake Geneva. They refuse to admit they are opening yet. The sign has gone up on premises over the newly rebuilt location where the Sears store used to be. Two doors down Qdoba Mexican Grill will be open by the time this article is printed. The center space between them still has a dirt floor, so it is presumed that the space is not leased out yet.

Qdoba Mexican Grill and Noodles?


Symphony Bay.
You know, or maybe you don’t. The 437 condo development planned by Brian Pollard, using Fairwyn as his sales arm, is in trouble. His builder bailed. He had planned to build on the land across from Melges Car Wash on Highway 120 (used to be the raceway). Pollard is a developer (the money). He needs a builder approved by the city. The company he planned to use, and designated to use, has pulled out. Back to square one. Looks like no building this year. Fairwyn is filing to act as a builder, although they are in sales. Does Lake Geneva need another couple of thousand people right close by?   Most current citizens don’t think so. We’ll find out soon what kind of rabbit Pollard can pull out of his metaphorical developer’s hat.


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