Code Red was declared on Monday when the Wall went missing. The Wall Lake Geneva needs to guard it and the Wall all depend on to defend and maintain peace and tranquility at city meetings was suddenly gone and many were in fear of hostilities suddenly erupting.

No, we’re not talking about the Wall between the U.S. and Cuba that Jack Nicholson defended as, Colonel Jessep, in a Few Good Men from the 4000 Cubans trained to kill us– the big Wall that supposedly separated the good guys from the bad guys. It’s true that the Wall between Cuba and the US was at long last taken down Monday by the US Government in order to normalize relations with Cuba,

Alderman Jeff Wall Lake Geneva, WIThe Wall referred to here Jeff Wall, the alderman who separates Sarah Hill from Elizabeth Chappell on the City Council. Every Monday night the City of Lake Geneva depends on Jeff Wall to be the Wall to keep Sarah and Elizabeth from going eyeball-to-eyeball and possibly quite literally breaking into a ‘cat fight.’ Jeff was missing on Monday, which left only “Cordite” Kordus to sit between the two scrappers. Cordite is rather easy to see through though and doesn’t offer much protection for anyone, let alone the two most intelligent and expressive city council members.

Sarah Hill has two scalps on her belt now that Dennis Jordan and Crispell Snyder have been sent packing. It is hoped that Alderperson Chappell will not be the third scalp since Sarah missed out on getting that scalp by trying to muzzle the pesky yapping mouths who attend meetings but are really “carpet baggers” from the Town of Linn. (Side Note! It appeared to all the world that our reporter got a little wink from Sarah Hill Monday night when she recommended the new City Administrator (Blaine Oborn) get together with Darien Schaeffer of the Chamber of Commerce to work on new plans for the city. The easy going and ever willing Sarah also offered her services to aid in helping the men along.).

Sarah Hill insisted that Utah Blaine needed more time to get to know the players and give the council more time to get “our ducks in a row” and find a popular celebrity to “sell it” such as Tony Robins. Sell what? Well, the takeover of the conflated Chamber due to it storming and vanquishing the BID group.

Lake Geneva Council Ducks in a row


And then there’s the ever-present ghost of Ron Carstensen making its way back. The council is looking at changing the salt ordinance from 80/20 to something lower (more salt); Kordus claims the council can make recommendations based on the “imaginary” study from this past year; he also said the city would “use less salt if it was straight salt.” It is supposed from thinking about Cordite’s comment that there is some qualitative difference between straight and gay mixes of salt. Food for thought (with a touch of salt on it, of course).

Both Chappell and Hill agreed on something, as they realized the employees of the city have not been given a wage increase yet for 2015 even though it was been budgeted. Hill wants one and a half percent or two while Chappell thinks one might be enough. Hill insists a budget resolution needs to be brought to the council about this problem, although nobody seemed to know why. Maybe the money for the city employees has already been directed toward the new Corn on the Cobb outfit.


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