Geneva Java works to fix its lair before it roars out to claim a huge share of the Lake Geneva Coffee Shop Set. Mike Kocourek looms large again (the property owner from whom Geneva Java is leasing), as he moves to do what he does to the many downtown Lake Geneva properties he owns. The building is going to be totally landscaped with bricks, shrubs, trees and grass. The view out the front of the Geneva Java Coffee Shop will be of Starbucks across the street. Two coffee combatants just waiting to go at it. Lake Geneva will benefit heavily from the competition. Peets, located at the other end of Lake Geneva has to take notice but not be overly concerned. Not during the summer, anyway. Visitors to Lake Geneva have a hard time parking anywhere near the downtown area so most are afoot once they park. Visitors will be lucky to find one of the coffee shops, much less all three.

Which one will the locals choose during those cold long months of winter is in question. Without doubt, the warmest one will have the inside track.

 Starbuck Lake Geneva Peets Coffe Lake Geneva

Credit card theft. All nice and legal and done by the very banks we are all asked, no demanded, to trust. What happens when you have bank controlled capitalism without restraint or control?

How about this?

You have a credit card, one of those cards where you can earn points for gifts or travel or whatever they send you in a catalogue or brochure. You build up your points. You might not even use the card that much but the points built up over the years. You wait until you have a good number of points and then check to see online how you might want to use them.

Two days after you check the total and look at stuff online your credit card company sends you an email letting you know that your credit card is cancelled due to ‘lack of usage,’ or because your credit score changed (which changed because they ran your credit using a hard search and that alone reduced your score by a few points).

Neat trick. Perfectly legal. What really happened there?

The company issuing your credit card just saved themselves all the money they would have expended in allowing you to order or use the points. You may even be so mad and disappointed about the credit card cancellation that you don’t realize that it was all about money. Your money.

Now their money. Sweet!

Losing Credit card rewards


At the June 1, 2015, Lake Geneva Meeting of the Whole Alderman Kordus, reporting on the Lake Geneva Chamber of Commerce said that the Chamber and the Bid Board (BID) were combining to form the CBB (Cobb, for short). This new outfit will have a new board consisting of 18 directors, 2 from Lions, 2 from Lynn, 1 from Fontana and so on. To start on January 1st. The interested parties are writing up the by-laws as this is written. The esteemed Alderman Bob (Cordite) Kordus discussed changing/diverting the room tax and getting a Premier Resort Tax for Lake Geneva. However, since the Lake Geneva does not meet the 40% income requirement to qualify for a resort tax, the city needs to get the state to change the law and to do that they would need to show citizen support and therefore a non-binding city referendum would be needed and approved by the citizens. Sarah Hill, still recovering Darien Schaefer Lake Geneva Chamber of Commercefrom the Parking Garage defeat, did not want to rush into it, but pointed out the need to educate the public why the city needs it. After the meeting “Cordite” Kordus was asked if the meeting minutes would be available to the public. He said “nope” but that Darien Schaefer might be more forthcoming. Mr. Kordus delivers nothing, which is what is fully expected from him. How the Area Chamber of Commerce remains legal to accept any city money, tax money or anything but contributions from its members, is likely to be determined by a court of law soon. The chamber is not part of the city. The BID* is not either. Both organizations have interests in serving small numbers of the supposed business community members. Anyone in city government that gives these organizations taxpayer money should also prepare for a court appearance.

*Downtown Lake Geneva Business Improvement District The BID was created by the City of Lake Geneva at the request of downtown businesses. The BID enabling state legislation is clear on the structure, met hold of operation and activities a BID can undertake. In Lake Geneva, the BID has enhanced the appeal of Downtown Lake Geneva through streetscape improvements, sponsored events such a s Oktoberfest, placed advertising, and influenced decisions involving the downtown area. The goals of the BID operating plan are:

  • To enhance downtown through advertising, special events and promotions.
  • To continue the street improvements program of light, benches and trash receptacle.
  • To administer the compliance of the BID through state Law

The BID is administered by the Chamber Executive at no cost to the BID in order to maximize the BID’s effectiveness.


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