Looking On The Bright Side

Old school in Williams Bay.
Fred Gahl closed on the old school property vacated and sold in downtown Williams Bay. The Walworth County King of Resale, with his very successful business selling ‘repurposed’ estate furnishing, has closed the sale on the old school building in downtown Williams Bay. He plans to repurpose the whole building. Fred Gahl is a purpose-driven man, and if Williams Bay does not pay close attention it could find itself repurposed, as well.


Hellmoor Golf Course.
Actually, it’s still called Hillmoor, but with the purchase by Larry Freed (about to be “unfreed” inside a federal maximum security prison not of his choosing) it could become anything, barring approval by the current Lake Geneva City Council. The Whitewater Corporation has been quietly rearranged, with the board of directors and stockholders totally changed. Larry, and his father Joseph, the two biggest magnates of shopping center development in all of Illinois, have faded away like Casper the Ghost. Nowhere to be found. Some new guys have taken over the corporation and they have only the wispiest of ties to the big guys.
Really? How about a really good deal on some Enron stock?

Trick or Treat Lake Geneva October 31

Another Tradition Bites the Dust.
Serving as mouthpiece for downtown business, Lake Geneva City Alderperson Doug “Not Ice” Skates convinced his fellow Alderman to switch the traditional Sunday before Halloween “Trick or Treat” day to the actual Halloween date of October 31st. Apparently, passing out penny candy wasn’t improving downtown business on Sunday’s so some businesses were starting to turn off their lights and hiding in back of their stores to pretend they were closed. Of course, the wax and soap on their windows the next morning upset them mightily. No more going to businesses and getting candy. After all, it’s all about business.


Rat Tax.
Bob “Cordite” Kordus, the Lake Geneva Alderperson without care or thought, wrings his hands with gleeful anticipation. Take the money from any and all employees, the lower paid the better, and give it to friendly developers and no-bid contractors. Now he’s working his sizeable butt off to try to add the extra half cent a dollar RAT tax by using his stylistic embellishments. He was supposed to go out and see if he could enlist the support of surrounding communities to join Lake Geneva in trying to get an exception from the rules because as it stands Lake Geneva does not quality under the rules.

Did he do that? Nope, not according to the communities around the lake that he was supposed to enlist the support of. But, no matter, in these times of wild exaggeration and lies by a certain presidential candidate there is no reason Kordus can’t just say he went around and enlisted the support of everyone, every place, and everybody.

He’s so popular, it’s almost unbelievable, unless he stops for a while and people get to know him. The RAT tax is coming and it certainly looks from the GSR perspective that the residents around the lake, who really pay for most of everything, better get ready to get a hold of some new shorts. Kordus and Company claim that residents in other communities that have brought the RAT in as their new expensive house pet pay only twenty percent of the increase. What planet is Mr. Kordus living on? It’s called Mongo, and on that planet Mr. Kordus is known only as Ming.


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