Local representatives showed up at City Hall early Saturday morning in order to give Mayor Santa Connors their Christmas list and other Neat Stuff  for new TIF#4 Projects.

Alderman Chappel was the first to jump on Santa’s lap and ask for a golf course and a theatre across the street from her house, so could Santa please, give some of that TIF money to Hillmoor and the Lake Geneva Theatre Project? Representatives being representatives, however, Chappel wanted more, but just “little things” she said. Santa Connors admonished Ms. Chappel for wanting too much, and said that her things were big.  Santa Connors then asked Sarah Hill about her big things…for the TIF money. Sarah said she was still very upset with Santa for not getting her the City Parking Garage for Christmas last year because he let those nasty bogeymen hiding under her bed snatch it away from her by telling lies, lies and more lies.


Sarah managed to come forward with her first New Year’s resolution:  “Blight makes Right,” when it comes to TIF Projects, so she asked Santa to put the old Travor Hotel on her Christmas TIF list.

Sarah said the Travor was the definition of blight and an embarrassment to the city, so she thought the city should buy it with TIF funds and tear it down.  She didn’t tell Santa she wanted him to put the parking garage in its place, but after all her complaining about losing the parking garage last year, wise old Santa knew what she was really looking for.  The Travor hotel does indeed need to be purchased and spending TIF money on that, as opposed to moving roads that don’t need to be moved, is commendable.  The parking lot can wait.  Santa Conners merely sniffed and toyed with his beard.


Al Kupsic finally received his Christmas present from the County of Walworth just this week: appointment to the Action Committee.

Santa thought there had to be a mistake when he first saw Action and Kupsic in the same sentence, so he waited to see if there might be another Alan Kupsic hiding somewhere. It appears that Lake Geneva’s very own Alan Kupsic wants to become a real Democrat, a progressive democrat who wants to dedicate himself to liberal action in the community; the new Action Jackson!  When Kupsic isn’t being Action Jackson, it appears he wants to take rides in the park because Al asked Santa Conners if a new road to nowhere could be built in the middle of Big Foot Park as his Christmas TIF project.

Santa Connors inquired of his highly paid expert consultant from Vandewalle and Associates of Three Graces Statue Flat Iron park Lake GenevaMadison using TIF funding for something as far out of town as the road re-route was possible, but just then Vandewalle became Vanwinkle.  The representative from that firm pretended to fall asleep.  He gave no answer.  So obviously, the answer must be: “No Alan, you cannot leapfrog your TIF project way out to Big Foot. You’ll have to be satisfied riding thru the new Mausoleum Park that used to be Flat Iron Park, but since there’s nothing flat about Flat Iron Park anymore (with the addition of the Bunk Pavilion To Nowhere) the name simply has to be changed. Mausoleum Park seems appropriate.


The new “Man of Action Kupsic” then recommended to Santa Connors that all the Aldermen meet someplace during the week to work on their Christmas TIF#4 list. Obviously, Mr. Kupsic isn’t part of the brain trust in the city and didn’t realize he might be divulging secrets. Someone had to remind him that any such meetings he may have had in the past or wanted to attend in the future are strictly prohibited by Wisconsin’s open meeting regulations.

OOOPS!!  So the man of action quickly made a motion for inaction on the issue, by postponing the Christmas TIF#4 Project list until the next city council meeting to be held on 3/23/15.  So he has time to think…after all, TIF#4 has only been around for 20 years and that’s not nearly enough time to think up things to buy with all that money.

It’s $10 Million now and will be over $12 Million next year because the City Council of Lake Geneva is likely never going to close TIF#4 no matter how much the Walworth County Board and citizens of Lake Geneva might plead with them to do.


What about rationality and fiscal responsibility?  Apparently those things have gone out the window of this new “let the good times roll” attitude overcoming Lake Geneva’s leadership.  Lake Geneva is over seven million dollars in debt.  There’s ten million being held of already collected TIF funding.  Where are the sneaky, stealthy and nefarious plans by anyone in leadership trying to slip TIF funding into debt reduction?  Paying the city’s debt would still leave two and half million in the bank.  Almost all residents would secretly, and quite possibly openly, support a slippery plan to pay debts and bring the city into living a time in grand wealthy surplus instead of blowing the money on new idea meant to mostly spend that money!

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