When Mayor Santa Connors asked Alderman Jeff Wall what new TIF#4 Project he would Alderman Larry Wall Lake Geneva, WIlike for Christmas, Mr. Wall said, “Bah Humbug!”

There is no Santa Claus and there’s no free lunch.” Now there’s an Alderman who speaks his mind, and for many residents and voters alike! Alderman Wall is known for saying no.  This is one “no” Mr. Wall might be perfectly correct and timely in expressing.  Mr. Wall is not at all about frivolous spending and his position on that is absolutely clear.


Dan Draper City Attorney Lake GenevaDan (The Don) Draper, Lake Geneva City Attorney, saw all the confusion amongst the Aldermen at Saturday’s Special TIF Meeting over what city programs would qualify as new TIF Projects.

Draper explained that it’s not just cool things that cost a lot of money that qualify for TIF, it’s cool things the city can’t possibly afford but for the taxing assistance of surrounding communities, as long as those communities also benefit from the project because they are helping to fund it.




No one in City Government here is willing to acknowledge the Parking Garage Referendum last November was as much a repudiation of the Parking Garage as a message about the continued existence of TIF #4 and the usage of money it generates.

Alderman Sarah Hill reported that none of the constituents inSarah Hill Alderman Lake Geneva her “hood,” nor any of her “peeps” at the local refreshment establishments, have ever asked her to close TIF, or not spend TIF money. Sarah is fond of saying she wants all things privatized because life should be like the game Monopoly.  Sarah Hill is a wonderfully bright Alderperson and full well understands that in the game of Monopoly only one player finishes with all the money and all the property while everyone else goes bankrupt.  Sarah, for those who don’t know, is a very successful real estate agent with the Keefe firm.



Ellyn Kehoe Alderperson Lake GenevaAlderperson Kehoe, presiding headliner of the City Council Entertainment Committee, epitomized just how bazaar and out of control the Special TIF Meeting turned when she said she didn’t have a pet TIF project herself, but wanted everyone in Lake Geneva to think about what they would like from TIF#4.

Ellyn said the goal of TIF was to “bring happiness to everybody,” so people should “get out a piece of paper, write down their happiest choice and send it to”…all of a sudden Ellynn came out of her euphoric spell and stopped for a few seconds before going on, “but don’t send the list to me.”


Someone on the Lake Geneva City Council doesn’t like A-frame sandwich boards!Alderman Alan Kupsic Lake Geneva

That’s right Alderman Kupsic says those boards, put out in front of businesses to make special announcements, sales, menus, etc. have to be banned. He says they affect his delicate sensibilities, so he’s proposing a more genteel method of making such necessary announcements. He’s recommending a four square foot “Menu Case” be allowed to be attached to an exposed wall or taped to business windows to announce specials or discounts, or whatever.  No lighting would be allowed and all signs would have to be approved by the City Council.  Alderman Kupsic stays up nights thinking about such “Ebenezer Scrooge” kinds of devices to assist small business people.


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