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United Airlines, American Airlines and other surprising holiday travel purveyors are doing it again.
This is the second article about outrages being perpetrated upon the flying public. The first detailed the use of scales at airports which deliberately cheat customers with respect to the weight of their luggage.

Here are a few more things you have to be on the lookout for this holiday season:

  1. Most domestic U.S. airlines have quietly raised their change flight fees to $200, up from the outrage of $100 only a few months ago. They advertise this fact nowhere. You find out when you have to make a change.
  2. Three airlines are now charging for carryon’s. That roller you used to fit into the overhead or gate check for free is now going to be fifty dollars. You find out when you show up for your flight.
  3. Middle seats are becoming the only seats available for people paying the competitive rate. Other seat selections start at forty dollars more all the way up to a hundred and seventy-five. You find out after you book and go to the seat charts for seat selection.
  4. Return fares on round trip flights are no longer part of the round trip price you pay, except for one round trip leg coming home that likely arrives at midnight or one a.m. Other return flights are extra, a lot extra. Again you only find that out when you try to schedule your return flight.

None of these nasty, brutal and barely legal acts by the airlines of America are being featured by the mass media. Air travel across the nation and beyond is being slowly moved back into the province of the one percent where it all began so many years ago. Twenty years ago you could fly almost anywhere for less than twenty cents a mile. Today that amount is much closer to one dollar per mile.


That wonderfully convenient gas station down on the corner:
As the airlines seek to commit legal fraud across the board for flyers there’s also plenty of monopolistic activity going on in the gasoline business. After extensive testing GSR X-Files investigators have concluded that the energy industry behind the production of gasoline and the participating gas stations themselves are rushing to shore up falling oil prices by insidiously charging more for supposed higher quality products (premium fuel) that cost them nothing more to produce than the lower quality gasoline (regular fuel) sold across the country. The producers of fuel for automobiles are only making premium gasoline! It’s cheaper to make and deliver one grade than mess around with three.

Ingeniously, the industry has figured out that about twenty-five percent of all cars produced in this modern era have, as written in their owner’s manuals and on the inside of their vehicles gas caps, a warning that they must put premium fuel in the vehicle in order to keep the warranty. Consumers believe the gas stations, and in violating their faith in them the gas stations make a fortune, just as the airlines do the same thing with cheating on their airport scales. Broken trust in this day and age means healing profit. Check out the gasoline prices at Sentry in Walworth, and get an idea of what’s going on. Eight months ago the price differential between “supposed” regular gasoline and premium gasoline was twenty cents a gallon. It had been priced that way for thirty years. The price of regular at Sentry on Monday was $1.89 a gallon. The price of premium was $2.99. A one dollar and ten cent differential for no reason (except profit) and this behavior is being repeated all over Wisconsin.
Enough said about the Christmas spirit and legalized theft.


Christmas Reindeer at Geneva Java

The Caribout was doing his job for Christmas, getting his photo taken with kids…until he had enough. No matter what the handler did, no matter how the handler was holiday attired, the Christmas Caribou was done and that was it for the day.

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