The Geneva Inn, Big Foot road re-route and life as a town chairman:
Jim Weiss is Chairman of the Board serving the Town of Linn.
He’s a good guy and that’s not stated from an analysis of his personality. He’s proving to be a good guy because the decisions and evaluations coming out of the Town of Linn Board have been enlightened and filled with conclusions made only after deep thought and consideration. Normally, the Geneva Shore Report is not known for being very complimentary about local community leaders, but when those leaders act, following well researched decisions, the GSR must allow that such leaders are acting in the best interest of the community as hey see fit. Jim is most apparently, doing just that.

Those things that have somehow gone right from being wrong: It’s easy to report on things that are going wrong in a community. A newspaper reporter simply needs to sit by a telephone and wait for it to ring. The reports will come rushing in every day. It is harder to reflect on those things that have turned around through the process of recognition, accommodation and redress. Here are a few of the things that have turned around lately, that haven’t gotten much mention:

  • The parking structure referendum was turned down by an overwhelming “no” vote. And no new structure has been proposed in its place. Good responsive news.
  • The Big Foot Lake Shore Drive Road re-route was opposed by so many that it died. Or at least was put into suspended animation for some time to come.
  • The sale of the zombie theater on Broad Street went down, however weirdly, to a former alderperson, to be supported by city seed money.
  • The new city administrator, Blaine Oberon, stepped in, and reaffirmed the right of concession owners to run their businesses at the Riviera, proving he’s efficient, has a heart and delivers justice where it’s within his scope of power.
  • Lake Geneva’s garbage collection service, having fallen into dark, smelly and uncollected times, has been reevaluated, and increased. Lake Geneva smells good once again.
  • The new Brunk Pavilion in Flat Iron Park, although having no real purpose, at least looks good sitting there next to its midget stepbrother pavilion nearby.
  • Against all odds, Kwik Trip on Broad Street has turned out to be a positive asset to the City of Lake Geneva in appearance, and performance. The Geneva Shore Report was dead wrong about that one.

Lake Geneva, even with it’s banged up and crippled current leadership is doing pretty well.

It is still way too deeply in debt, but that’s a different topic for later consideration.

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