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Dimitrius Anagnos.
Some readers have written in about the series of articles the GSR has written about this importantly placed individual in the Lake Geneva Community. There he sits, as manager of Popeye’s Restaurant, at the very geographic epicenter of the city. The city’s and the county’s most successful and popular restaurant. He, and his terrific mother, the titular head and owner of the enterprise, spoke at the BID (Business Improvement District) meeting last week. The GSR writing staff has not been kind to Mr. Anagnos over the course of the last three weeks. The readers writing in, by and large (who do not want their words included in letters to the editor) have been much more negative than the GSR material written by the GSR about Mr. Anagnos.

The question, in responding to these sources of irritable ire, is about whether Mr. Anagnos is truly some sort of dinosaur-era force of voracious meat-eating and carnivorous monstrosity, or is merely wanting to be seen as something like that. The GSR does not know, and the staff waits for the seemingly brutal and fiercely sad Dimitri to reveal himself. Who is he, really? What is he, really? Popeye’s Restaurant on Wrigley has continued to do well under his management, but then so have other businesses under the harsh rule. Is business success a measure to used in judging such a wanting character as Mr. Anagnos seems to portray? The “deadly duo” of two women presenting the Sunday Morning radio show on local 96.1 defended their supportive stance about Trump by stating last Sunday “we don’t care what the man does personally in life, as long as the country continues to do well under his leadership.”

Really? Is that all there is when it comes to patriotism, honor, and integrity in this wonderful country? Is that how Mr. Anagnos is to be viewed too?


What the Hell?
Lake Geneva City Council agenda items 12, 13, 14 [listed as Ordinances 19-06, Ordinance 19-07 and Ordinance 10-04] are ordinance changes that take the financial approval of expenditures from the city council and gives it to the Finance, Licensing and Regulation (FLR) Committee and makes the clerk responsible for reporting it. Then effectively these ordinances also give the Chief of Police of Lake Geneva the ability to deny an alcohol beverage license by not giving a favorable approval, and therefore it doesn’t have to go to the FLR for review.   The wording of these ordinances involves more illusion and possible misdirection than a magic show.

Even though the police chief in question is a most wonderful man, the city is forcing decisions upon him that should not be within his prevue, or responsibility, and then potential accountability. The key changes in the FLR are the addition of the following:
(c) Financial Duties.
Receive and authorize payment of the monthly obligations and payments of the City, provided such payments are authorized under the approved annual budget or authorized amendments to the annual budget of the city (The wording is such that “monthly” does not have to apply to payments of the city.) Are Credit card payments monthly obligations?
Are they shown as individually charges as presented to the clerk and to the city council or as just a single payment?

Under the city clerk responsibility: Report to Council. The city clerk shall cause to be presented to the Council at each regular meeting a written report as to the identity and number of bills, accounts or claims recommended by him for allowance. Or authorized for payment by the Finance, Licensing and Regulation Committee.
(g) Upon favorable review by the chief of police, all applications shall be reviewed by the Finance, License, and Regulation Committee and approved by the common council of the City of Lake Geneva. It shall be within the sole discretion of the chief of police to recommend issuance of a one-year renewal rather than a two-year renewal after the chief of police’s background check (this implies that without favorable review the application doesn’t have to be reviewed by the Finance committee).
(i) Denial of operator licenses.
(1) If an applicant is denied an operator license he/she may appeal the decision of the chief of police to the common council; this matter may be considered in open session or closed session. The common council is responsible for the final decision of approval or denial of a license.
(2) Any fees for denied operator license applications will not be refunded by the City of Lake Geneva (note: an unfavorable review does not mean it was denied, it just means that it doesn’t have to be reviewed by the FLR).”

Confusing, all this, by accident or design? And when did mere committees gain the power to approve or legally disapprove?

The Business of the Week

Mod Pizza Lake Geneva

MOD Pizza on the corner of Edwards Boulevard and Highway 50 is open! The food is wonderfully delicious, fresh, and fast. The place is full of energy and so is the staff!


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