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Oh well, they’ll be back someday at some hour of the early morning.
The complete stoppage of work that recently took place on Main Street was not due to the work being done.  Three weeks ago, the WE Energy people/Alliant/City water and sewage and whomever else one might think of, tore up Main Street and then left it as a zombie land of dirty dusty gravel.  On April 30th they came back and decided to start digging again.  Is there anyone associated with this rolling disaster of a public project that has one single concern about the continuance of the small businesses that line the street?  Is anybody taking care of those business owners at all, even to providing them with some timely information about what is going on, and when things will return to normal if they ever do?

Nope. That’s not done these days, where disassociated workers without management supervision in the field, provide “I just operate a machine” kind of explanations that explain nothing.


The Business of the Week


Flat Iron Tap Lake Geneva

24 beers on tap, a full wine menu, and high quality made fresh daily dishes plus an entertaining staff. The Flat Iron Tap.
Find them at 150 Center St, downtown Lake Geneva.

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