Little Gems

The Hippie Sisters are coming to Lake Geneva.
Over there, across Broad Street from Simple Restaurant, a new store is moving in. The owner who refers to all of her female friends as “sisters” hence the name “The Hippie Sisters.”  They will be selling vintage items, the sixties and seventies memorabilia, from purses, jewelry, incense right on down to things like Lava Lamps.  Who can ever forget Lava Lamps, although it is unlikely there are a great number of people who might love to own and exhibit one. The sign will be up in a matter of days and the store will be open for business within a week or so?

Hippie Sisters Coming to Town

Something Sweet is coming.  A small shop is opening across from the Cheese Box on Wells Street.  The two owners of the place, a retro candy, gift and ice cream shop, are already currently running concessions in the Riviera complex in downtown Lake Geneva.   The GSR reporters got a sneak peek and it looks great. It is safe to say it should be open in under two weeks.

Beautification around the Riviera Fountain

Riviera Fountain Lake Geneva

The beautification committee places custom bricks, contributors have paid to have their names on, at the base of the Lake Geneva fountain.

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