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Matthew is coming?
Barring having a photo, or video, or even seeing him personally, there is no way to absolutely confirm that Matthew Mcconaughey is coming to South Lake Shore Drive in Lake Geneva.

But “his” lot is being cleared for construction, and there have been multiple supposed sightings. However, that’s not full confirmation, at least not for the Geneva Shore Report. What helps in convincing staff that he really is coming? How about the first floor of Stone Manor Tina Trahanbeing sold to another Hollywood personality? That’s right, just two doors down, sits Stone Manor, the largest private structure around the lake. The huge first floor, unchanged since the 1800s, without a bedroom and only half a bath, awaits a total makeover. Recently Tina Trahan purchased that floor for six million bucks.

Tina is a former consort of Tiger Woods, paramour of the president of HBO, purchaser of a seven-million-dollar mansion in Santa Barbara, CA, and well know associate of many Hollywood stars. Her purchase of quarters near where Matthew is rumored to be building a home serves as unofficial confirmation of those rumors.

Why? Hollywood generally travels in packs, and this pack seems to have found Lake Geneva. When Hollywood ‘found’ Santa Fe, New Mexico, they ended up buying or building twenty-five estates just outside the town.

Could Geneva Lake be looking at a similar occurrence?

Stone Manor

Stone Manor Lake Geneva

Stone Manor, the first floor was sold to Tina Trahan of Hollywood (and Tiger Woods) fame, The floor sold for six million bucks.

Pies in Our Place

Lake Geneva Pie Compnay

Lake Geneva Pie Company celebrates 15 years in Lake Geneva. Their old fashion pies, cookies, quiches, soups, panini’s, and sandwiches are so good you would swear that some grandmother was in the kitchen. If you want the familiar taste of local homemade pies with the flakey crust, or homemade soup and sandwiches Lake Geneva Pie Company is the place to go. 150 E. Geneva Square by the Pig.



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