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The Lake Geneva Inn annexation goes down in smoking flames.
Attorney Torhorst was present to represent the Lake Geneva Inn as it attempted to set up a pre-annexation by having the property re-designated for business usage on the Lake Geneva Comprehensive Plan (because, although the property is located in Town of Linn, it is in the one-and-a-half-mile zone just outside the city where plans can be made for it). Granting the Lake Geneva Inn request would have put the Town of Linn in a terrible position. The Town of Linn, under Jim Weiss’ leadership, has consistently turned the Geneva Inn down in its requests to build all the way down to the water on all of its lake front property.

Allowing the Geneva Inn to build would be opening a gateway to others developing the lake side for commerce, as American law does not allow for special privilege or treatment in such affairs. That the Hillmoor lack of a plan proved powerful enough to secure approval, and the Geneva Inn was unanimously denied, struck many people as surprising. The Lake Geneva Inn issue is temporarily settled, but they’ve been trying to get the property rezoned for commercial use all the way back to 2003. It’s not likely they are going to stop trying anytime soon. Mr. Torhorst did not help his case in representing the Geneva Inn (the owners chose not to attend, to the surprise of council member Flowers) when he said: “the coming annexation is inevitable.”  He was forced to repeat that illogical and poorly spoken statement by Alderperson Hill.  There appears to be no love lost between those two individuals.


The little church that could.
Once upon a time, in a small town, not so far far away, an Episcopal Church, long-standing and long-attended by a small cadre of dedicated parishioners, found its way to living and passing on the ways of God. This little church, nestled into a place near the beating heart of downtown Lake Geneva, recently began to attract first one and then another passerby. The people who came were drawn in by the warmth they felt emanating out past the cold stone exterior. The warmth was coming from within the body of the place and it came first in whispers of “peace be with you” and “body of Christ,” and other sayings not so immediately understandable as they were heartfelt and welcoming. Father Craig, a supply priest, who’s come to Lake Geneva to “hold off the night” until the new Vicar can make it (December), “hit one out of the park” last Sunday when he spoke about being ‘called’. How many times are we called and then don’t come or go? How many times do things work out miraculously, but when they are over are explained away as mere probability or good fortune? Pass by on Broad Street next Sunday morning at about ten a.m. Listen closely as you pass. Very closely. You may hear a very faint call.


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