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Hazel’s has come and gone. Hazel’s restaurant came to Lake Geneva quietly and kept it that way for the short time it was here. No signs were put up, except a small banner on the front fence of its location, which was in the Baker House on Wrigley Drive. The food was good, really good. In fact, it was great. The service not so much, not that anyone would know, as no one really came to the place, and not that many read our great article about it at the time. If you want to check out Hazel’s now, since it still exists, you will have to go to Hebron, Illinois where it is still doing business at it’s first established home. Hazel’s left Lake Geneva as quietly as it came, and nobody knows why…either way, the owner chose the Baker House, why the place opened so silently, or why it closed. Hardly anyone even knew that they have been gone since the end of July. You can still enjoy the Baker House’s fine dining Wednesday through Saturday, with champagne brunches, tea time, and of course that fabulous view of Geneva Lake. Also, during the month of October, you can enjoy a mystery dinner the last three Saturdays of the month. The cost is sixty-five dollars per person, but that includes a fabulous meal, and also some great interactive entertainment not available anywhere else. Hazel’s will be missed by the few who experienced it while it was here, but the Baker House remains, and it also remains terrific.


Emagine, the theater on the north end of town.
There was a false alarm at this brand-new theater: On Sunday night, around seven p.m., while the movies played and the popcorn popped, and people watched the screens, the fire alarm went off. The theater’s trained employees went into action and evacuated the very large building, while the Lake Geneva Fire Department was in route. There were no visible flames or smoke from the outside. That was a good sign, since the theater is brand new and is loved by so many already. Initially, the management of Emagine theater thought the theater would need to be closed for a few days to find and fix whatever the alarm problem was, but now it looks like the theater is again open for business. The alarm system had some technical issues, but those were taken care of before the end of Monday. Emagine Theater is new to the area, but not new to the theater business. The show must go on!

Person of the Week

Steve Cline and Dr. Scary's Scream Park

Steve Cline is a man with a distorted and gruesomely entertaining vision. Owner of Dr. Scary’s Scream Park, Steve creates a high intensity, entertaining, and frightening experience for you and your friends. Stop out at Dr. Scary’s Scream Park every weekend now through November 4th, if you dare. drscarys.com 5020 State Rd. Delavan, WI.


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