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Boat slips, buoys, and commercial leases at the lake are in question.  Kent, the owner of the wonderful Elmer’s Boat Rental, also known as the Lake Geneva Boat Line, was at the Piers, Harbor, and Lakefront meeting (as he always is). Kent loves the lake and the boat business he inherited from his grandfather years ago. The lease length between Elmer’s and the city has been an issue for some time. Lake Geneva Boat Line and Marina Bay both rent boats on Geneva Lake. They have very short lease contracts that need to be renewed frequently and the request for longer leases has been brought up several times with “no” always being the answer. This makes it hard for any business to have a long term business plan and to have a credible relationship with banks and creditors as lease uncertainty overrides many decisions and requests. The unfairness of the short leases become apparent when reviewing other commercial leases for a place on the lake.

Gage Cruise Line and the city have a contract for many years.  The current lease lasts through 2028. Kent did not come back to the meeting to request a longer lease at this time, however, he did come to propose his four boat slips (part of his lease) be moved around so they are next to each other and on the same side of the pier. This will make it easier for his crew to clear up congestion in the harbor. The issue was initially presented at the last meeting and continued to the next, so the committee members could investigate some of the issues they were concerned with at the lake. The fact that the waiting list for a spot on the lake is very long, and residents shouldn’t have to wait while a business is renting out space to others, not on the list is a problem. The committee approved Kent’s request to have his slips all together and now it’s off to Finance, Licensing, and Regulations for consideration, and then to the council for a final decision. The issue of the subleasing of slips only affects the Gage Cruise Line (who did not attend the meeting last week). The issue was discussed and the committee members agreed it needed to be stopped.  The issue will be looked into with the help of Dan Draper, the city attorney, to see if the offending slips can be taken off the lease. Will this be possible? Nobody knows just yet, although it would seem unlikely unless Gage Marine was to agree.

Piers, Harbor, and Lakefront Meeting

Kent Elmer's Boat Rental Lake Geneva

Kent the owner of Elmer’s is a regular at the Lake Geneva Piers, Harbor, & Lakefront meetings.


The Beloit International Film Festival is celebrating 15 seasons this year.
Attendees can enjoy a ten-day tribute to film and independent film producers from around the world. The films are shown in venues, ranging in size from 40 seats to 400 seats where more than 100 films will be shown.  Filmgoers will have the opportunity to meet the people who make the films, and the crew from behind the scenes. Filmmakers come from all over the world to show off their works and greet the fans eagerly waiting to enjoy their works. The festival celebrates filmmakers from all genres and includes features, shorts, and documentaries. There will be more than 100 filmmakers accessible to attendees, so they can ask questions, give feedback on the films, and share opinions on what they like or would like to see. This year the festival has teamed up with the Beloit Public Library to offer films for children and families so that everyone can experience the film festival. Also some exciting news for the festival this year is that Stephanie Klett is the 2020 Honorary Chair because of her support for the festival the past fifteen years. This is truly a unique experience you won’t want to miss. The festival runs now through Sunday, March 1st.


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