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They’re back!
Yes, the BigFoot curmudgeons who want to take away the wonderful road that runs north and south next to the beach is in danger of being done away with again.  The developers want that lagoon for a boat harbor in the worst way and they are not giving up.  Kruel-hearted and mean-spirited Bob Kordus managed to slip the road removal through the back door of the seemingly environmentally friendly bike path changes being presented by Vanderwall for consideration by the Public Utility Commission (which Kruel is chairman of) on February 20th (election day!).

Yes, they are trying to slip this through and the people of Lake Geneva should be outraged since everyone turned out when they tried this last summer.  These classic thieving clowns want that property and they hate the freedom of that road and the fact that that special extraordinary view isn’t a “click per view” kind of pay operation. That’s with them as the toll collectors, of course.

That meeting is to go down at the municipal building at five p.m. on Tuesday, February 20th.Be there.

Don’t let them take away the most wonderful drive past the pristine waters of Lake Geneva. Don’t let them take the free beach. Only your attendance can stop them.

Re-Routing South Lakeshore Dr


What about the Riviera Pier?
It needs to be redone.  No question.  It has rotted pilings and more.  The planning open forum will run from nine a.m. until three p.m. on Friday, February Ninth.  Go in and see what you think of what’s being put on the table.  Think about how they might want to change the whole thing into a giant restaurant.  Wonder who would get that idiotically low-priced lease?  Any guesses?  Get in there and let them know what you think.  The meeting is being held at the Riviera complex building.

Winter Driving

Accident Lake Geneva

The winter is tough this year. Truck on Highway “B” on Monday night. The women driving was not hurt.


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