There is talk about increasing security in Lake Geneva schools.
Some of the methods that have been discussed include adding metal detectors at school entrances, warning alarms on side doors, putting police in schools, etc.  There is a problem with this type of thinking, as well as the application for the action of such thoughts. It is not a shortage of police or security, nor is it in the inherent lack of safety in Lake Geneva schools. It is the reason for the perceived need for the extra security that is the problem. It is not a new problem but it is getting worse. As increased security is required, as the number of police per capita continues to go up, it indicates a serious problem and it is not a shortage of police officers or a lack of security.

So, what is the problem? About nine years ago I saw this problem and wrote an article in which I concluded that “America has changed”.
The article written around 2011 is as follows:

Article by Terry O’Neill, Lake Geneva Resident and former Alderperson. Why has football replaced baseball as the dominant sport in America?- Baseball is a game of skill, with rules to assure fair and honest competition. The rules are clear and simple. Baseball does not permit or tolerate deception, misdirection and it evens penalize a pitcher for making a balk because it is a form of deception. The focal point of the game is aligned with the center of the field and going too far to the left or to the right is out of play. To be fair the strike zone is adjusted to the batter’s height. Baseball is not timed and it reflects the average American view of fair and honest competition at a time when Americans went to a game to relax and enjoy the game, and business deals were made with someone’s word and sealed with a handshake. But that era (those days, those Americans and the popularity of Baseball) has faded.

As baseball represented the American view of fair competition in the past, football represents America’s view of fair competition today. Football is a game of strength, intimidation, and dominance, where the focal points are at the ends of the playing field, and the opponents get points by taking control of the whole field and diving into their opponent’s end zone. The rules permit deception, misdirection and reward it (when successful) with big gains. The rules permit the wasting of time with the sole intent to deprive others of the use of that time. Furthermore, the manor of play enables (and perhaps encourages) players to benefit from violating the rules in a manner that will not be seen or penalized by officials. Football is rugged and it reflects America’s current view of acceptable competition in which the fans go for the emotional excitement and joy of celebrating a victory over their opponent.

So why has football replaced baseball as America’s dominant sport?

The answer is that we have changed; our values have changed and that change is reflected in everything from the entertainment and sports that we watch to even our greeting that has gone from the handshake to a high five, to a fist bump. Yes, America has changed its definition of fair and honest competition. Someday football will fade and another sport or entertainment will replace it. Let the next popular sport in America reflect a better America, perhaps soccer but not the barbaric America as reflected in “cage fighting”. The choice is ahead, and because “everything affects everything,” it will be reflected in our sports and entertainment, and that will precede what happens in our schools, cities, businesses, and government.

Cartoon Of The Week

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill


The Indoor Winter Flea Market (Barnyard Bargain Bonanza) at the Walworth County Fairgrounds will be held on Saturday, January 25th, February 22nd, and March 28th from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
There will be a wide array of vendors from antique, vintage, garage goods and much more. Everyone is sure to find something that can’t live without. There will also be food vendors so bring your appetite because they will be serving a variety of award-winning food. Proceeds benefit Barnyard Adventure, our IAFE award-winning agriculture education area of the great Walworth County Fair! Admission and parking for the event is free.


Lake Geneva will be hosting their first-ever Winter Bridal Expo in the Riviera Ballroom on Saturday, January 25th, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
They will be offering an afternoon filled with wedding planning ideas to hopefully inspire brides while enjoying views of Geneva Lake. The Rivera will be showcasing Lake Geneva’s top vendors from photographers, catering, wedding gowns, salons, dance studios and much more. Mix and mingle with the area’s top wedding professionals and discover the best options to make your wedding dreams come true! Brides will have a second opportunity to meet various local vendors at Hawk’s View during their 17th Annual Bridal Extravaganza on Sunday, January 26th, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be door prizes, hor’s d’ oeuvres, a fashion show and much more. Brides and grooms can receive all the information on how to plan their special day in one place, and vendors will be available to answer any questions they may have.


At last Tuesday night’s Public Works meeting the committee discussed adding on to the bike trails going through Lake Geneva, and what work needs to be done to the existing trails.
There is a proposal coming forward that proposes to connect the White River Trail on Highway NN, to Highway H. There is also a suggestion to connect the path on Edward’s Blvd to Sheridan Springs Rd, and then on up to Minahan Rd, ending with a connection to Interchange North by Piggly Wiggly. Another section by Eastview School and the Railroad corridor is also being considered. Right now these are hopes and dreams and nothing has been decided or voted on. The section of the bike path that the Park Board is looking to get a TAP Grant for (to help cover the costs of adding onto it) is from the stop and go light on Bloomfield Road, all the way down South St to South Lake Shore Dr., at the entrance of Big Foot Beach. The conditions of the existing bike paths in Lake Geneva vary greatly, some are fine, while others are in desperate need of repair that could total to upwards of two and a half million dollars. The worst section is the YMCA path which is about 1500 feet in length and requires full reconstruction; walls, rails, and drainage, with a total cost of $275,000. All paths were rated and evaluated as to whether they needed just an overlay or full reconstruction. If the city would move forward with the proposal they would have to budget about $65,000 for the next 4 years. Time will tell if these hopes and dreams will become a reality.

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