Harbor Master Update.
Steve Russell, Lake Geneva’s very excellent Harbor Master, was complimented by committee members and the mayor for his work and the initiative he has brought to his position. Russell is also a part of putting together the security crew for the Riviera and you may be able to spot security now as the members will be wearing light blue shirts with ‘Riviera Security’ emblazoned across their backs. The harbormaster report included an update on what slips, and buoys are rented and not rented. The only spaces not leased out currently are the two spaces in the lagoon. Beach revenues are looking good on the budget but down slightly from last year, which is likely because of the effects of the virus and the weather. The boat launch is running a little behind on budget also, for the same reasons. As usual, the July 4th weekend was the big moneymaker for the beach and launch. All of Lake Geneva was busy over the holiday, with thick traffic and lines of boats and people waiting to use the launch. It had to be closed for a short time. The CD3 Boat Cleaning Machine is in Seminary Park and all boaters are being encouraged and directed to clean their boats before and after boating. The lake staff and harbor master share the goal of keeping the lake, in and around it, clean and healthy.

CD3 Boat Cleaner

CD3 Boat Cleaning Machine, Lake Geneva

CD3 Boat Cleaning Machine sighted in Lake Geneva this week.


The 45th Annual Williams Bay Fine Art Festival is back for a weekend of fun-filled events.
Festivities will take place in Edgewater Park on Saturday, July 24th, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday, July 25th, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is a free event with food, entertainment, and free parking. The show consists of many different media types of art vendors situated along beautiful Geneva Lake. Artist’s talents include multimedia, wood carving, jewelry, photography, sculpture, painting, oil and acrylic, watercolor, and much more. There will be a tent dedicated to emerging artists along with kids’ arts and crafts with scheduled programs. Proceeds will benefit cultural and arts programs in Williams Bay along with scholarships.

Animals Of The Week

Animal Training Lake Geneva

Advanced Dog Training this week at the Riviera. You decide if the owners or the dogs are being trained better.




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