They’re at it again.
It would seem that the developers who come along and purchase land would purchase land that was zoned for the usage they intend to develop on that land.  But that would be straightforward and straightforward is not always, or almost ever, the cheapest way to get things done. Instead, some developers, a perfect example is the Hillmoor property in Lake Geneva, developers quietly purchase land that is zoned for agriculture or recreation, and then get the cheaply acquired land (farm and recreation land is much cheaper than commercially zoned land because you can’t really develop much) and have it rezoned for commercial use.

The developer, in this case, one Pat Hogan (of Glenview when not found at his home in Fontana) is the person who bought the little store that’s positioned about halfway between the Town of Linn pier and South Shore Road.  Pat wants to take that store and the two-acre parcel around it and have it rezoned commercial from its current zoning which does not allow for commercial development.  The old owner of the store tried two years ago to pull off this same sleight-of-hand but was denied by the plan commission in the Town of Linn.  This coming Monday night is another plan commission meeting, to be held at the city municipal building in Zenda, where this rezoning attempt will be presented once again.  The area in question, by the way, is surrounded on all sides by residential homes. These homes will all be negatively impacted in many ways if the parcel at the center of their area is rezoned.  Show up at the Zenda meeting.


The clean boat clean lake campaign is finally getting underway.
The CD3 boat cleaning machine that will be shared this summer with all the Geneva Lake communities is the first of many if all goes well. The idea is to clean every boat before and after leaving the lake to ensure the health and quality of lakes and stop the spread of invasive species like starry stonewort. The CD3 Wayside Solar Trailer Unit is not a cheap investment and the plan is to try one this summer in the different communities in one-week intervals. Lake Geneva is scheduled for the week of July 17th, 24th, and then again September 11th, 18th. The Lake Geneva Harbor Master Steve Russell and Parking Manager Seth Elder worked together to come up with a plan on how to spread awareness and where to place it. The idea is to park the CD3 south of the boat launch in the area between the curb and grass, the same area the fuel truck was last summer that caused so much frustration. This area will create a billboard effect as passer buyers will see the machine and spread the word of its function. This location on Wrigley will be used during the less busy times Monday through Thursday and then moved to Parking Lot I, next to Seminary Park, Thursday through Sunday.

Place of the Week

Lake City Social

Lake City Social is a breath of fresh air in the newly remodeled location of Sprecher’s. It has a lake vibe that can only be found in Lake Geneva.



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