Surprising Stuff

A huge thank you to the business concerns that provided free stuff to our veterans.
It was come one come all for veterans at the following restaurants in and around Veterans Day in Lake Geneva: Popeye’s, The Tuscan, Geneva Java, Next Door Pub and coffee at Starbuck’s. The Tuscan even made their highest price meal (two lobster tails) available, if requested. Lake Lawn Lodge had a special package that was pretty neat too (although not free). That certain businesses in the community came through, like these wonderful places did, distinguishes small town life across America from the urban centers.

Rural America has so much to offer while, at the same time, often being derided as ignorant bumpkins. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to taking care of other people, and rewarding those who’ve gone above and beyond to perform under extraordinary circumstance.

A Dissenter

Mayor Kordus City of Lake Genva

Mr. Kordus sits there stewing after his most signature defeat over Hillmoor. His heading up of the ‘missing man’ (that would be Mr. I’m out of here Halverson) formation of a city council was autocratic and without manners, but then there he is. The photo says it all.



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