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Our Place, November 2, 2016

Hillmoor and what’s going on there. Laurence Freed, the guy who’s been convicted of financial misdealing’s and is apparently headed for a long term in Federal prison, has stepped aside, following his purchase of the old defunct Hillmoor Golf Course

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Living Here, July 27, 2016

Whether small or large, every resident leaves a mark on the city. The mark may appear to be short lived, or it may appear to be a long lasting legacy. Eventually both fade with time. But even in fading, no matter how small your individual mark may appear to be, it alters the future…..

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Looking at the Bright Side

Article by Terry O’Neill, former alderperson and current activist: Is the City of Lake Geneva a “small town”?
Disregarding the extreme views of those who consider any city a small town if they don’t have an NFL or MLB franchise, and those who feel a small town should have less…….

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Our Place, February 3, 2016

The value of an accomplishment stands as a tribute to the person or persons who accomplishes it. In a similar manner, how it was accomplished reveals character and gives insight into underlying values. Few city council meetings have ever been more disheartening than the one held on Jan. 25, 2016…….

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Looking at the Bright Side, December 23, 2015

At a time in history when citizens are suffering severe disaffection with government at the federal, state and local levels, it has been heartening to watch the citizens of the Lake Geneva Community stand together and fight to have their voices heard and their concerns addressed, so everyone can enjoy a better community and way of life………

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