The  Bright Side

A lot of important events that were canceled in 2020, because of Covid-19, are expected to be back in 2021.

  • Winterfest, and the Cocoa Crawl, are being held (as usual) in the beginning of February, with new procedures in place to help keep everyone safe and healthy.
  • The Business Improvement District (BID) then plans on hosting its annual Wine Walk from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on May 9th, 2021.
  • VISIT Lake Geneva is preparing to host its annual Restaurant Week, running from April 25th to May 3rd. Participating restaurants will offer special menu items at a special price.
  • VISIT is also bringing back the Concerts in the Park series this summer in Flat Iron Park. The weekly concerts feature bands from all different genres of music and will offer plenty of space for families to practice social distancing.
  • The BID has scheduled Oktoberfest for October 9th and 10thof 2021, which will be held throughout downtown to also help with spacing participants out and with social distancing.
  • VISIT is also expecting to hold the annual Electric Christmas Parade on December 4th. They are anticipating being able to hold events beyond early summer and far ahead without as many restrictions, with the usual parade route and guests being able to watch from the streets.
  • The BID is also hoping to bring some new events to downtown, sometime in April, June, and September to help draw more visitors to the city.

Mayor Charlene Klein suggested ideas for new events such as: ‘Cabin Fever Days’, a winter golf tournament, or a bean-bag tournament. The Geneva Shore Report will share more information as the BID discusses and then decides about the implementation of its new ideas.

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