The Bright Side 

Submitted by Terry O’Neill, Lake Geneva resident, and former Alderson:

If there is a local political debate this year? If so, then those in the audience should listen and question everything they hear. Yes, even question the questions and the questioners, because the questioners with their questions also have an agenda and their questions will reflect their agenda. Like the difference between the questions of a prosecuting attorney and the defense attorney, both say they are after the truth, but both have a different agenda and that agenda is the purpose of their questions. An Alderperson should be like a juror who listens to all the facts, but unlike a juror whose decision is to be based solely on the evidence and the law, an Alderperson’s decision should include the views of the people that they represent and one’s personal views of what is morally right, because alderpersons, unlike jurors, can make exceptions to the city’s laws and ordinances because they also have the authority to write or change the ordinances within the city. In addition, because alderpersons, can also write or rewrite the city’s laws, they can also interpret the intent of city ordinances and not just follow the letter of the law, and they can and do make exceptions to the city’s ordinances which is most evident in Conditional Use Permits (CUP) which often permit exceptions (violations) to city ordinances. Most decisions are easy and unanimous; however, it is those decisions that are not unanimous that the Alderperson that you elect may make a difference.

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Cartoon by Terry O'Neill

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