The Bright Side

The trucks unloading on city streets must be dealt with.
It just goes on, and on, particularly with the weather moderating. Deliveries from big semi-truck trailers are supposed to be done in early morning hours, but that’s not what is happening in Lake Geneva. Many big trucks come in at all hours of the day, and simply stop and park in the middle of city streets. Traffic comes to a nervous standstill, with some of the drivers trying to get around the trucks, but not wanting to be involved in a crash or an accident. If one of those potential head-on accidents occurs it’s not going to be the truck’s liability insurer that pays, though. It’s going to be the city’s insurance carrier.

If you live here, that means you will pay in one way or another, no matter what sort of taxes you are paying to subsidize the premiums. It’s the city’s liability simply because, in a tort state, as Wisconsin is, the city has done nothing to prevent this kind of likely crash, and has remained fully aware of the problem since it began instructing its enforcement personnel not to ticket large truck offenders, or force them to move. One day or night that deliberate mistake will be realized as a monetary mistake unless Lake Geneva changes its ways. The big trucks have no place on Lake Geneva’s streets except to move on through. There are plenty of smaller trucks that suppliers can use in order to maintain more ambiance, some welcome silence, and more safety. The price will be higher to pay for such reasonable service, but it will be well worth it. Nothing whatever will happen, however, unless either a very expensive crash takes place, or the residents of the city force their representatives to do something about the problem before that coming event.


The new church.  Next to Golden Years out there on Bloomfield Road they are building a new church.  It will be perfectly set up next to the Pollard retirement homes that have been approved for very high density life, or whatever.  The Christian Church will be for those who have been reborn. It is planning on having special rates for the true believers who are going straight from temporary to permanent retirement.  The new church name is unknown at this time, but then religious belief works that way in most cases.  You don’t get to know everything up front, and complaints later on are uncommon.

Grandest Person on the Bright Side

Kathi Bidlask Lake Geneva

Kathi will have been running the counter at Claws (over at Geneva Square) for fourteen years in April. Her full name is Kathi Bidlask, and she’s just a delight. She’s the grandest person this week because when the GSR went in there to get a lunch order Kathi beamed her good will and great fun straight through the heart of the whole staff. Go over to Claws and get some of what this terrific woman emanates.

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